The Dark Knight’s Last Stand



Last weekend, The Dark Knight was in it’s third weekend and I didn’t write this article last week because I honestly believed that The Dark Knight could beat The Mummy 3 in its third weekend and I was right. The Dark Knight was higher in its third week than Mummy was in its first by 1.4 million dollars. Now is where everyone is saying that The Dark Knight is going to fall, they’re saying that it will never beat Titanic or even go another weekend on top. Well I say that we as fans can and will proof these non-believers wrong like we did last weekend let’s show them all what’s possible when it comes to this movie.

This spectacular movie has broken almost every record in the book and I’m aiming for it to beat one more and that’s to beat Titanic out of the top spot for most money made Domestically. Titanic has made $600,788,188 Domestically. So far, The Dark Knight has made $394,887,000. What’s a measly little $200,000,000 when it comes to a movie this good, if there’s one movie that could do it, it’s The Dark Knight whose broken the record for most money made in a span of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and even 10 days. It even broke the record for most made in  the first weekend, which most said was impossible, but we as fans proofed them wrong. Well, let’s proof them wrong again with The Dark Knight’s Last Stand. 

If like me and are a fan of The Dark Knight than read on, if your like me and enjoy The Dark Knight more than Titanic than read on, if your also like me and want to see the movie with Heath Ledger’s final completed performance make more than Titanic Domestically, than read on please. I have seen The Dark Knight several times so far and am going to see it at least twice this weekend. If you have not seen The Dark Knight yet, please go see it, you will not regret it, the movie is astounding and anyone who has seen it will tell you the same unless they’re just trying to be an outcast. If you already have seen the movie, see it again this weekend, multiple times. Let’s as fans show the world that a movie this good is able to be better than it previous weekends, probably not its first or second, but at least substantially higher than its third, no that its third was bad because it did beat a movie that had a bit of a following. If you’re a Dark Knight send this URL to other Dark Knight fans, tell all the Dark Knight fans about what you read here, and force the people you know who haven’t seen it yet into their closest theater. If you are a true Dark Knight fan than post a comment here telling all viewers how many times you’ve seen the movie and how many times you plan to see the movie this weekend. Thank-You.

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