Top Ten Greatest Bands

My favorite bands at the moment and my favorite albums by those bands. Enjoy! 10. Led Zeppelin Top 3 Led Zeppelin Albums 3. Led Zeppelin II 2. Houses of the Holy 1. Led Zeppelin IV   Stairway to Heaven   9. The Doors Top 3 Doors Albums 3. Strange Days 2. L.A. Woman 1. The … Continue reading

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Top Ten Paper Mario Chapters

Yes, yes I know, you don’t have to tell me. Paper Mario isn’t a movie and this is a site called “MoviesFilmsMotionPictures”. Well, I love a great movie, it’s my favorite art form and my favorite form of storytelling. However, how could I not love a great story in general? So here it is a … Continue reading

Top 25 Breaking Bad Episodes

Not too long ago I posted this:¬†Greatest Show Ever. Even more recently I posted this: Top Ten Breaking Bad Episodes. And I’ll just throw this in for fun: Top Ten Breaking Bad Characters. If I can take one lesson away from Breaking Bad it is that things change. I’ve changed since these posts. I’ve changed … Continue reading

Top Ten Animated Movies

Before beginning a list, I always have an idea of what a direction a list will go and I was hesitant to start this one because I thought the list would just be too full of PIxar movies and I already have a list of Top Ten Pixar Movies. I was wrong. I mean of … Continue reading

Top Ten Movie Fights

Alright, I think it’s finally time I made this list. A while back I made a list of my Top Ten Movie Gun Fights, but now it’s time for my list of the greatest fights in film. By fights I mean anything other than guns, whether that be swords, bats, rocks, or yes, fists. For … Continue reading

Top Ten Quentin Tarantino Scenes

Quentin Tarantino is one of the greatest filmmakers to have ever graced the silver screen with art. He is arguably the greatest writer of film ever and he writes and envisions perfect scenes which he executes with prowess. Making this list was like making a list of short films because that’s what a great scene … Continue reading