Top Ten Horror Movies

Below you’ll find a list of my favorite Horror Movies. These are the movies that transcend the genre and best exemplifies this dark realm of film’s potential. Happy Halloween!   Honorables   -Bone Tomahawk: This movie is intense as all hell. Never before has a western been nearly as scary as this one. The film … Continue reading

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Top Ten Greatest Bands

My favorite bands at the moment and my favorite albums by those bands. Enjoy! 10. Led Zeppelin Top 3 Led Zeppelin Albums 3. Led Zeppelin II 2. Houses of the Holy 1. Led Zeppelin IV   Stairway to Heaven   9. The Doors Top 3 Doors Albums 3. Strange Days 2. L.A. Woman 1. The … Continue reading

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Top Ten Paper Mario Chapters

Yes, yes I know, you don’t have to tell me. Paper Mario isn’t a movie and this is a site called “MoviesFilmsMotionPictures”. Well, I love a great movie, it’s my favorite art form and my favorite form of storytelling. However, how could I not love a great story in general? So here it is a … Continue reading

Top 25 Breaking Bad Episodes

Not too long ago I posted this:¬†Greatest Show Ever. Even more recently I posted this: Top Ten Breaking Bad Episodes. And I’ll just throw this in for fun: Top Ten Breaking Bad Characters. If I can take one lesson away from Breaking Bad it is that things change. I’ve changed since these posts. I’ve changed … Continue reading

Top Ten Animated Movies

Before beginning a list, I always have an idea of what a direction a list will go and I was hesitant to start this one because I thought the list would just be too full of PIxar movies and I already have a list of Top Ten Pixar Movies. I was wrong. I mean of … Continue reading

Top Ten Movie Fights

Alright, I think it’s finally time I made this list. A while back I made a list of my Top Ten Movie Gun Fights, but now it’s time for my list of the greatest fights in film. By fights I mean anything other than guns, whether that be swords, bats, rocks, or yes, fists. For … Continue reading