Terminator Salvation Review

Anyone who has a passion for movies must have been noticing all the reviews around for Terminator Salvation. It’s average grade has gotta be something around a D+ on a grading scale, while we got   Rotten Tomatoes projecting it at a 33%. Let me begin my review by saying that yes, this was not that great of a movie, but it certainly doesn’t deserve the terrible reviews it’s getting. I think most critics are grading this film by comparing it to the movie it could’ve been other than just grading it as the movie it is.

What I mean by that is, obviously McG had the right idea when you look at the trailers. Taking a classic series n putting it into this crisp and gloomy post-apocalyptic wasteland. Then having a good well-known actor play as the main character. All looked well in the world of Terminator, and of course the movie wasn’t able to deliver as much as you would have hoped, but nonetheless, the film was better than critics are saying.

Like I said about the trailer, the movie throughout was visually pretty awesome. The action sequences were intense and fun to watch and threw in some very new ideas to action scenes, which nowadays most films aren’t very intuitive with their action scenes. The acting was nothing spectacular and I expected more from Christian Bale and instead just got a bunch of unmotivated anger. I actually preferred Sam Worthington’s performance to Bale’s. And Sam Worthington was a no named actor for me, some of you might have seen him in others, but I haven’t.

My biggest problem with Terminator Salvation is that there was no story of its own at all. It just expected us to have known everything about the series and just built off of that. Then at the end, the film has gotten no where. At the beginning, a war is going on and at the end, a war is going on. Not much is accomplished and it seemed that they weren’t even trying to throw out a good movie, they just wanted to give audiences a movie with a lot of action, robots and explosions and they wanted to make a lot of sequels just so the can make a quick buck. I’ll leave you with this comment; you don’t really need to see this film, it’s not that great, but it is better than most are saying.

Grade: C

P.S. There was a little cameo that made me extremely happy with this film.

2 thoughts on “Terminator Salvation Review

  1. It really isn’t a bad film. There are some excellent scenes in it and there are a few elements to the plot that don’t ring true to the franchise. It is rare for a summer blockbuster to transcend its purpose of being a big brash entertaining popcorn movie and be a first rate great film. The Dark Knight is the only film to have done that in recent years. If you don’t go into this film expecting that you shouldn’t be too disappointed especially if you have seen some of the summers other offerings like Wolverine and Transformers that both fall short of expectations. As far as how it stands up to its predecessors it is better than Rise of the Machines but not a patch on The Terminator or T2.

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