#25 Chigurh and Welles Scene (No Country for Old Men)

One of the best scenes in the Coen Brothers masterpiece. Its a scene that perfectly shows great dialogue and tension.

Best Character: Anton Chigurh

Best Quote: “If the road you followed brought you to this, of what use was the road?”


#5 Anton Chigurh (No Country For Old Men)

He’s silent, deadly, smart and creative. He’ll get the job done no matter what the cost. He enjoys sporting a cattle gun and a shotgun with a foot long silencer. He never says more than he needs to and he’s a genius at his trade, which is unfortunately crime. He is symbolic for pure evil in a way no body else could be. You still fear him even with his funny hair cut.


  • Actor: Javier Bardem
  • Quote: “If the road you followed brought you to this, of what use was the road.”
  • Action: Flips a coin to decide the fate of a woman, to keep his word to her dead husband.
  • Clip(s):

#13 Charlie (Barton Fink)

He’s fun and friendly, but only at first.


  • Actor: John Goodman
  • Quote: “Hail Hitler”
  • Action: Runs down a hall with a shot gun while the walls behind him ignite into flames.
  • Clip(s):


No Country For Old Men

One of the greatest movies I’ve seen this year. This movie will be called slow and boring, but it is by far the farthest thing from it. This movie was smart, realalistic, resourcful, and best of all, unpredictable. It was the story of a hunter who stumples upon the aftermath of a drug deal gone bad, he finds a case with two million dollars, it’s the story of this hunter, the deranged psychopath thats after him, and the narrator/sherriff whose trying to protect the hunter, remember though, there is no such thing as a clean get away. The movie was just fantastic and I beg you to go see it. There is not one thing that I could say that was bad about this film. I enjoyed this movie from the first dialogue to the last. This movie was detailed and flawlessly put together.Grade: A+This part was written about a month or so after first seeing the movie:I just watched this movie for the second time god is perfect, if you haven’t seen this movie yet I feel very sorry. I think it was even better the second time because of the more amazing detail you notice in this piece of art.