American Gangster

Maybe it was because I saw this movie only a few das after seeing a masterpiece like No Country For Old Men, but this movie just wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, this movie was fantastic and you should see, its just not Goodfellas or The Departed. When and if you do see this movie, you’ll see that it lacks in creativity, but that’s only because it was based on absolute facts and facts shouldn’t be stretched too far. This is the story of a Drug Lord Frank Lucas who made millions off of Heroine in the 70s and the cop/lawyer in charge of catching him. Denzel Washington was amazing and this is his best since Training Day, I usually don’t like Russel Crowe that much, but in this he was actually pretty good. See the movie, but if you’re trying to decide on wheter to see this or No Country For Old Men, see that instead.Grade: A-

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