Things We Lost In The Fire

I know by the trailer this movie kind of looks like the usually sad then feel good crap, but its not. This was actually a very well plotted and well acted dramatic movie. This is the story of a widow who just lost her perfect husband. He’s kind, funny, and a hero, the only thing wrong with him is his best friend. His best friend is a heroine addict and he feels he can’t give up on him. The wife thinks that the guy is a scum bag loser, but after they start living together, she learns why they were friends for so long. The story is told through dramatic realism and the acting is spectacular by both Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro. It’s sad at times while at others you can’t help, but smile. The movie was predictable at times, but unpredictable at others. This was an incredibly well-done movie and it was very good. Grade: B+

3 thoughts on “Things We Lost In The Fire

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