Top Ten Quotes of 2007

These are the best lines in my mind to come out of this year.

  •  10. Live Free of Die Hard
  • John McClane: “How ’bout Yippie Ki Ay Mother Fucker”
  • 9. Superbad
  • Fogal: “I am Mclovin”
  • 8. Fracture
  • Ted: “If you look closely enough, you’ll find that everything has a weak point where it can break”
  • 7. Sweeney Todd
  • Sweeney: “At last, my arm is complete again”
  • 6. Michael Clayton
  • Michael: “Doe it look like I’m negotiating?”
  • 5. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  • Jesse: “Boy, don’t that picture look dusty”
  • 4. Hot Fuzz
  • Angel: “Your a doctor, deal with it” Butterman: “Yeah mother fucker”
  • 3. Death Proof
  • Mike: Ah, ha, ha, ah, hahey, ladies, THAT!! Was Fun!!
  • 2. No Country For Old Men
  • Chigurh: (I’ve decided to put my three favorite lines from this movie) 3. “What’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss?” 2. “If the road you followed brought you to this, then for what use was the road” 1. “That depends, do you see me?”
  • 1. There Will Be Blood
  • Plainview: ” That land has been had, there’s nothing you can do about it, its gone, its had. You lose. DRAINAGE!!!! DRAINAGE!!!! Eli you boy. Drained dry, I’m so sorry. Hey, if you have a milkshake and I have a milkshake and I have a straw there it is that’s a straw, you watching? My straw reaches acrrroooosss the room and starts to drink your milkshake, I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!! (slurp) I DRINK IT UP!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! Did you think your song and dance and your superstition would help you Eli?!?!?! I am the third revalation, I am who the lord has chosen. Because I’m smarter then you!!!! I’m older. Your nothing but a false prophet!!!! Stupid Boy!!! I AM THE THIRD REVALATION!!!! I AM THE THIRD REVALATION!!!!! I tooold you I would eat you!!!  “

Gone Baby Gone

Surprisingly, this was a decently entertaining movie. It had a very interesting story that wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Its also not as predictable as it seems. Ben Affleck did a good job for once. He created a good puzzle that the viewer has to put together, but there were some problems in my opinion. I really didn’t relate to or enjoy many of the characters, they were kind of annoying. The only two I liked was Ed Harris’ character and Morgan Freeman’s character, who was only in the movie for about five minutes. Also, and many might disagree with me here, I really didn’t enjoy the ending. Other then that , the movie was good and can be talked about more than many other movies. !!!SPOILER!!! Don’t read ahead if you haven’t seen this movie!!!Why did Casey feel that he could be judge, jury, and executioner by killing this cocaine addict, but when a good family is going to take care of the little girl, he has to call the cops because it’s the right thing. Those parts contradict each other and were poorly written. Grade: B 

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

This is an incredibly well made and well acted movie. It could stand on its own visually and narrated in a way that makes you really pay attention when the narrator is talking. This is a pretty long movie (160 min), but it doesn’t leave anything out and makes you feel like your really there. Unlike most westerns, this movie is realistically told and doesn’t just throw a bunch of guns and action at you. This was a very interesting history lesson, but don’t get discouraged when I say history lesson because this is one lesson you don’t want to be texting during.  Grade: A