Gone Baby Gone

Surprisingly, this was a decently entertaining movie. It had a very interesting story that wasn’t as simple as it seemed. Its also not as predictable as it seems. Ben Affleck did a good job for once. He created a good puzzle that the viewer has to put together, but there were some problems in my opinion. I really didn’t relate to or enjoy many of the characters, they were kind of annoying. The only two I liked was Ed Harris’ character and Morgan Freeman’s character, who was only in the movie for about five minutes. Also, and many might disagree with me here, I really didn’t enjoy the ending. Other then that , the movie was good and can be talked about more than many other movies. !!!SPOILER!!! Don’t read ahead if you haven’t seen this movie!!!Why did Casey feel that he could be judge, jury, and executioner by killing this cocaine addict, but when a good family is going to take care of the little girl, he has to call the cops because it’s the right thing. Those parts contradict each other and were poorly written. Grade: B 

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