Top Ten Dark Knight Posters

The Dark Knight has been released now for almost a month and has made around $450,000,000. There was more hype for this movie than any movie in a long time and for once the movie was well worth the torturing wait. Everywhere you looked, you saw either an advertisement, a trailer, or a poster. This top ten list is a list of my favorite Dark Knight Posters, you’ve seen them all, but which one is your favorite. Find out which one is mine.

10. A basic poster that had a decently cool design.

9. Fun to look at, at the first time, but overly used.

8. I enjoy this poster alot and it never gets much recognition.

7. A neat design, but the idea could’ve made for a better poster.

6. I love this poster because its the only extreme close-up on the Joker’s face. I would’ve liked to see something more than just HA, though.

5. A very colorful, yet moody design.

4. An excellent poster. Simple, yet dark.

3. A very cool poster showing all three main characters in creative ways.

2. The original Dark Knight tag line poster is one to be remembered with its creative and grisly design.

P.S. The red letters under the the website name uncoded say: A TASTE FOR THE THEATRICAL

1. Some may disagree with my number one, but I think this poster perfectly shows The Joker’s insanity and lust for destruction. It’s intense and shows the realism of the now iconic villain.

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