Tropic Thunder Review

Let me begin this review with the statement that I truly hate Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller with a passion, but I’m not being biast when I say that I truly don’t see what all the fuss is about with this movie, it was not that funny. I say this though, even though I hate Cruise more than Stiller, Tom Cruise was freaking hilarious I laughed whenever he was on screen. Robert Downey Jr. was pretty funny too, but I expected more from Jack Black. Stiller sucked as usual. The referances to classic war movies were pretty funny, but other than that, most of the time they wouldn’t make any funny spare of the moment jokes like all comedies need, they’d just try to make you laugh at the same joke that you probably didn’t even laugh at the first time. Like the whole Simple Jack thing wasn’t even funny and they just kept pushing it on you. All and all, there were some funny parts involving Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr., but enough of it to recommend this movie.

Grade: C-

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