#10 Beating the Boss Scene (Fight Club) !!! SPOILERS !!!

The hilarious and unexpected classic scene in Fight Club I love Fight Club for many reasons and this is one of the big ones.

Best Character: Jack

Best Quote: “For some reason, I thought of my first fight, with Tyler.”


#11 Bar Scene (The Departed)

The Departed is an incredible movie with fantastic scenes, but one will forever stick above the rest. This is that scene.

Best Character: Frank Costello

Best Quote: ” Past days, situtions like this, I just killed everybody.”


#12 Bar Scene (The Shining)

The classic scene in the horror masterpiece that, after a while of waiting, finally depicts the weirdness of the hotel their in.

Best Character: Jack Torrence

Best Quote: “Hi Lloyd, little slow tonight ain’t it?”


#13 Car Ride Scene (SE7EN)

This is by far the best scene in SE7En and one of the most intense dialogue driven scenes ever filmed.

Best Character: John Doe

Best Quote: ” You can’t just tap them on the shoulder, you have to hit them with a sledge hammer.”


#14 Jury Argument Scene (12 Angry Men)

This one I might get some objections to because the jury argument is the entire movie, but the fact of the matter is that this is a fantastic movie that is just one long scene.

Best Character: Unknown

Best Quote: “You don’t really mean you’d like to kill me do you?”


#15 Car Chase Scene (Death Proof) !!!SPOILERS!!!

This is a great, but unappreciated movie. It’s very underrated and even though I probably overrate it, I’m not shy of saying that I love this movie, and it’s mainly because of this scene.

Best Character: Stuntman Mike

Best Quote: “Ah ha ha ha HEYY, LADIES, THAT WAS FUN!!!”