#15 Car Chase Scene (Death Proof) !!!SPOILERS!!!

This is a great, but unappreciated movie. It’s very underrated and even though I probably overrate it, I’m not shy of saying that I love this movie, and it’s mainly because of this scene.

Best Character: Stuntman Mike

Best Quote: “Ah ha ha ha HEYY, LADIES, THAT WAS FUN!!!”


5 thoughts on “#15 Car Chase Scene (Death Proof) !!!SPOILERS!!!

  1. i just saw this movie cus my lil sister recommended to me..i am a mom so usually spend my time seeing dora the explorer. some parts were slow but towards the end I started to get an adrenaline rush. I felt like kicking some ass. Stuntman mike got what he deserved. Overall it is a good movie. I love quentin tarantino..kill bill is still my all time favorite.

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