The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Review

Very few times in the history of film has there ever been, or ever will be, a film so monumentally beautiful, both physically and mentally. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was so vividly told that even knowing from the beginning that it was a fantasy film, it still felt so real. At no point during this almost three hour movie did I once want it to end. It was a long movie that felt short because it brilliantly depicted an 80 year life. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a fantastic tale of a boy born at the age of 80 and ages backwards until his death at the age of 0. Its a spectacle of a story about a man’s unique life and love. Its hard to put into words, the lasting affect that this movie holds on you. You need to see for yourself and feel every feeling that Benjamin feels. He’s an innocent and kind man aging mentally and growing younger physically. We learn to love him early on and we as an audience journey through life with him, meeting many different people, experiencing many different adventures, and being saddened when he’s not old enough to speak.

This film is getting a lot of well-deserved Oscar buzz at the moment. It’s front-runner for Writing, Directing, and even Best Picture, and yes it probably will win the oscar for Best Picture. This is a brilliant movie and it would be a well-deserved oscar. David Fincher needs some recognition for once. He’s directed classics from Fight Club to SE7EN and now this is his newest work of genius. 

What’s so spectacular about Benjamin Button is that from the get go, you can tell that it’s a wonderful story begging to be told. It’s manages to have an incredible texture and beauty  that makes it an epic materpiece, but it doesn’t force itself upon you. It tells its amazing story with David Fincher at the helm and Brad Pitt acting to perfection. It tells its amazing story quite flawlessly and with every passing minute you say to yourself that this beautiful story could be told in many different ways, but no possible could it have been told better than this. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a phenomenon in film form. An awe-inspiring, graceful, work of art that will never be forgot in the pages of historical cinema.

Grade: A+

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