Alice in Wonderland Review

Alice in Wonderland seemed like a movie that couldn’t go wrong. It’s a classic tale we all know filled with a handful of memorable characters and an insane world that could only be called Wonderland. Tim Burton seemed like the absolute perfect director for a reboot of this fantastic story. I’m a huge fan of Burton’s and I was excited for Alice in Wonderland, but I was a bit disappointed.

Don’t get me wrong I had a lot of fun with this film. It’s practically hard not to, but I just expected more from Burton. With films like Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands and Nightmare Before Christmas, he was able to find away to appeal to children and adults, but at times Alice and Wonderland felt almost too childish.

Two particular parts I could think of right now would be the unnecessary dancing The Mad Hatter does after victory. It was just kind of awkward. Another complaint was the incredibly corny line when Alice cuts off the head of the jabawaki. There were a number of other parts that seemed a little immature and just unlike Tim Burton.

Other than that, Alice in Wonderland was a good time at the movies. It was visually stunning. Depp and Carter were fantastic as always and the absolute saving grace of this film was the Cheshire Cat. I knew going in that Cheshire Cat would be my favorite character, but my expectations were exceeded with this aspect of the film. There were many parts of this film I can admit I actually loved, but especially the parts with the Cheshire Cat.

Overall, Alice in Wonderland was pretty good. I enjoyed myself a lot. Alice in Wonderland is actually a good example of a movie being visually amazing while still caring about other aspects of the movie. Some movies aren’t able to do that, such as the Transformers movies and most of all, Avatar.

Grade: B

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