Inception Review

After watching Inception, I had a thought. This thought comes to me occasionally when watching a movie, but it’s actually quite rare. Its a thought you have to work towards, one you have to earn as a filmmaker. Because its a thought that I’m sure many have had after watching a movie, but it may not occur as often as you’d like so you really have to savor it. My thought was this: “Wow, now that’s a movie.”

Inception is the story of a man named Dom Cobb who is able to tap into people’s dreams so he can extract secrets, but the movie turns to masterpiece when asked to perform the seemingly impossible task of Inception. Instead of extracting an idea, Cobb and his team must instead plant one in. It’s a tale that is fascinating, memorable and some what beautiful.

On top of that, it’s cast so exceptionally well. DiCaprio, never ceases to amaze me anymore, Marion Cotillard was fantastic, and Joseph Gordan-Levitt was such a thrill to watch. He’s certainly got a career ahead of him. Honeslty though, every actor is fantastic in his or her role. Everyone just fits so perfectly, it doesn’t even seem like you’re watching a performance, you’re just watching that character and the story around them unfold.

Christopher Nolan has never let me down, I love, with a passion every single movie he’s made so far. Especially The Dark Knight and Inception. A year ago, when Inception teasers were being released, people had absolutely no clue what was going on. Neither did I. I didn’t care, I knew that in a year I’d be watching another Nolan masterpiece. Guess what happened… I was right!

I love all of his movies, but not since Memento has he ever been this original. It was inspiring really to watch such a perfect movie that wasn’t a sequel or remake or based on a book, cause so often movies are. No, Inception came from an idea of the director and was put on screen exactly the way the director saw fit, but this isn’t just any old director. This is one of the greatest directors of all time. Making Inception undoubtedly one of the greatest movies I’ve ever seen. Every single ounce of me is in love with this movie, no other word can describe it best other than, masterpiece.

Grade: A+

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