Top Ten Dark Knight Legend Scenes

Through three masterpieces, Christoper Nolan has unimaginably created the greatest story in existence in The Dark Knight Legend (or Dark Knight Trilogy if that tastes better going down). There are so many moments and scenes that both flawlessly executed and endlessly entertaining. This is a list of my favorite scenes in The Dark Knight Legend. It took a lot of adjusting and second-guessing, but I eventually came to the conclusion of these ten supremely miraculous scenes.

10. Calling Card

The final scene in the tale of Batman’s origin is so spectacular that if it hadn’t been for one other scene I would consider this scene the greatest in Batman Begins. The fantastic tease of The Joker turns out to be the icing on this glorious cake of a scene. “I never said thank you.” Gary Oldman’s Gordon says with commanding subtlety to which Batman responds with the final line of the movie that defines Batman as a the hero he is, “And you’ll never have to.”

9. Mob Meeting

Every single second that Heath Ledger is on the screen in The Dark Knight is absolutely extraordinary. The Joker’s Bank Heist scene just barely missed the list and part of the reason is because this list wouldn’t be complete without this classic scene. It’s as if this malevolent “agent of chaos” sought out the darkest souls in Gotham just to give them a pep talk. Everything from entrance to exit is pure brilliance and it was hard to expect anything less from then on.

8. Train Crash

As Batman is the good to The Joker’s evil. Batman is the justice to Ra’s Al Ghul’s injustice and their final fight on the train headed towards Wayne Enterprises is easily the greatest scene in Batman Begins. Just as Batman has Ghul on the ropes Ra’s Al Ghul responds by doing the only thing he can that moment and demeans his formal pupil, “Have you finally learned to do what is necessary?” To which Batman responds with one of the greatest quotes in all of cinema, “I won’t kill you, but I don’t have to save you.”

7. The Pit

It’s one of the most inspirational and uplifting moments in this entire bleak epic. Batman himself has been broken and discarded like a piece of trash into “the worst hell on earth”. When he finally comes to terms with the fear and pain that consumes him, Batman triumphs and it’s realized that he’s both the hero Gotham deserves and needs. It’s a truly breathtaking moment because its almost like journey within a much grander journey because though he gets out of The Pit, there’s a lot of work to be done.

6. Hospital

For brilliant Joker, all of the pieces are set and all we get to do is watch idly by as Gotham’s “White Knight” is consumed by evil. Before our eyes, Harvey Dent finishes his transformation into the villain, Two Face. The power  is placed in Dent’s hand and The Joker gleefully becomes the first of Two Face’s victims whose lives are decided based on the flip of a coin. The Joker would die laughing knowing that he brought Harvey down to his level. It’s a scene that is as dark as they come, but as with every scene with The Joker it’s uproariously fun.

5. A Dark Knight

The Falling Action and Resolution of this never-ending clash of good and evil established in The Dark Knight takes place in one no-holds-barred finale. It’s realized just how depraved Harvey Dent has become when he threatens to literally kill the young son of James Gordon in a misplaced attempt to avenge the woman he loved and couldn’t save himself, Rachel Dawes. Two Face is filled with carnage and rage and the only thing Batman can do is save Gordon’s son and take the blame for Harvey’s unspeakable crimes leading to a final and powerful speech of respect from Batman’s the only friend and partner that Batman has had since the beginning of his fight against injustice.

4. Bane Breaks the Bat

“Let’s not stand on ceremony here, Mr. Wayne,” the barbaric villain says to the determined hero before they battle for the first time in the third and final chapter in Chritopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Legend. This is where these two characters belong, battling. Bane understands that and  it’s made apparent that Batman understands their relationship as well when he begins to wail away at an unimpressed Bane. Bane takes the Bat’s fists as if they  were gusts of wind. For the first time in this definitive story of Batman, Batman is beaten. Not only is he beaten though, he is ravaged and broken. Upon their first meeting, Batman had no idea what he was coming up against and in that way didn’t stand a chance.

3. Interrogation

Batman and The Joker are the greatest enemies ever concocted. There will never be more perfect renditions of the two characters than Heath Ledger and Christian Bale in The Dark Knight. To see them meet for the first time face to face is substantially extraordinary. It’s wildly entertaining, inherently necessary and beautiful. The scene begins with some witty, yet dark dialogue between The Joker and the newly appointed Commissioner Gordon.

“Does it depress you, to know just how alone you really are? Does it makes you feel responsible for Harvey Dent’s current predicament?” The Joker delightfully quips at the unamused Commissioner. Once Batman and The Joker are sitting across from each other alone in a desolate interrogation cell, the rarely leaves the faces of the two men talking simply because of how prominent this moment truly is.

2. The Joker’s Last Laugh

All the scenes on this list aren’t just the greatest scenes in The Dark Knight Legend, they’re also some of the greatest scenes in film. The Joker is my favorite character in existence so naturally I love every moment he’s on screen and I would consider some of his scenes some of my favorite in film. Until recently I’ve always considered the Interrogation scene my favorite scene with The Joker, but recently I’ve realized my favorite Joker scene is his last in the film.

The final masterfully crafted Joker scene in which he has his last laugh is the best Joker scene. The Joker finally thinks he’s changed Batman when Batman throws him off of a building and as a result he laughs hysterically until he his saved by who he now realizes is his perfect nemesis. “You, you just couldn’t let me go could you?” The Joker jokes smiling, of course. Without a villain there is no hero and without a hero there is no villain. The constant battle between the two form a continuos bond between the two because this isn’t a story about two men, it’s a story about good and evil. This concept is completely exemplified in perfect scene.

1. The Legend Ends

The Dark Knight Legend is my favorite movie, but I could unquestionably say that it is also the greatest story ever told. No story has ever entertained me, captivated me or enthralled me with its vast and eloquent themes or its deep  characters nearly as much as The Dark Knight Legend. It is a masterpiece in every way, shape or form. I only use that word when it’s warranted and it is never more warranted than when used to describe the legendary and lasting epic.

Every legend has to come to an end the ending of any story is so important to me. If I took the time to appreciate a story unfold, I’m always excited to reach that point and see where it all leads. I’m always happy to see an ending done right and not only was the ending of this epic legend done right, the ending is unimaginably perfect and the greatest scene in the entire film that is The Dark Knight Legend.

I have never felt more involved or completely captivated by the events transpiring on screen than watching the finale of the ending of The Dark Knight Rises and the glorious ending of entire legend as a whole. From the moment Batman and Bane begin their final battle to the final seconds before the screen goes completely black and all we can read is “The Dark Knight Rises” I just escape to this world where hope tremendously triumphs over despair, two heroes survive and live happily in love together and the legend that is Batman lives to fight another day and survives forever as symbol of good in the hearts of the people who he fights to protect. It’s not only the greatest scene in The Dark Knight Legend, it’s the greatest scene in film.

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