#7 Jules

He’s a low-rent philosophy driven hit man with larger intimidation skills then most.


  •  Actor: Samuel L. Jackson
  • Quote: “English Mother Fucka, Do you speak it!?!?!”
  • Action: Pays Ringo to save Ringo’s life.
  • Clip(s):

#8 Doc Holiday (Tombstone)

He’s a wise crackin, fast talkin, alcoholic, gunfighter of the west. 


  • Actor: Val Kilmer
  • Quote: “I’m your huckleberry”
  • Action: Saves a friend in need.
  • Clip(s):

#9 Lester Burnhum (American Beauty)

He considers himself to be a pathetic loser and he is, at least he used to be because he has lost something, but its never to late to get it back.


  • Actor: Kevin Spacey
  • Quote:”Spectacular”
  • Action: Throws a plate against the wall to get his wife’s attention.
  • Clip(s):

#10 Bill the Butcher (Gangs of New York)

He rules like a tyrant with an iron fist and will never live down a challenge. He’ll teach you english with a fucking knife as he would say and easily slips his way on to my top ten favorite characters of all time.


  • Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis
  • Quote: “Spared by the butcha”
  • Action: Dies a warrior, as he would’ve wanted to.
  • Clip(s):

#11 Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

He’s loud, obnoxious, and intelligent, but there’s a lot more to him that meets the eye.


  • Actor: Brad Pitt
  • Quote: “We were all raised to believe we’d grow up to be movie gods, rock stars, and millionaires, ut we won’t and we are very, very pissed off.”
  • Action: Takes a beating and laughs the entire time.
  • Clip(s):

#12 Gunnery Sargeant Hartman (Full Metal Jacket)

He’s mean, cruel, loud, and damn good at what he does.


  • Actor: R. Lee Ermey
  • Quote: “You’re so ugly you could be a modern art masterpiece”
  • Action: Yells at a guy who’s pointing a gun at him.
  • Clip(s):