Safety Not Guaranteed Review


Safety Not Guaranteed was a rather splendid movie that I was happy to have watched. Newcomer, Colin Trevorrow, boldly plays around with a lot in his first feature films and offers a lot of unique pay offs. It tells a clever little tale with some real emotion. The characters are really explored not uselessly as some characters in movies are. This is the work of a confident filmmaker who clearly had a tight vision for his movie.

It tells the tale of three Journalists (two of them are interns) who investigate a Want-Ad of man seeking a partner to time travel with. As the female intern becomes very involved and intrigued by her “mark”, if he could be called that, it becomes a apparent that at its heart, Safety Not Guaranteed is a fun film about finding the people who are weird just like you. This was a very different film and as a result I was interested to learn more about these well thought out characters.

Mark Duplass and Aubrey Plaza really shine in their well written roles. The played so well off of each other that I pleasantly happy anytime they shared the screen together, which seemed to be most of the movie. Everyone else did pretty great as well. A lot just seemed to fall into place as if everyone was just having a good time making a good movie. It was funny and it was serious and it told a good story. What more could I ask for?

If I could think of a complaint it might be that it was almost too short and some of it was a bit predictable. I was entertained and I wanted it to keep going, I felt as though the story could’ve explored more between starting at A and ending at B. As far as parts being slightly predictable other parts made up for that so I wouldn’t call it much of a complaint at all. Overall, it was just a pretty great film I’d happily enjoy watching in the future.

Grade: A-