Top Ten Comic Book/Graphic Novel Movies

Through the years movies have been made based on comic books, graphic novels or comic book characters. Some have been excellent movies worthy of the praise any other movie might get in a different less childish genre. Some have not been so good, anyone remember Daredevil or X-Men 3. Well, this list isn’t about the comic book movies that were terrible, it’s about the comic book movies that were good. When you here comic book, you might think of super powers, but that’s not always true. In fact, more than half the movies on the list don’t involve any powers. Well here’s a list of my top ten favorite movies based on comic books or comic book characters:

10. The Mask

The decently comically written movie was made hilarious by funny man Jim Carrey.

9. A History of Violence 

The grisly crime thriller, is well acted, violent and intelligently woven.

8. Batman

The original Tim Burton film was fun to watch because of the beautiful sets and the hysterical performance by Jack Nicholson.

7. The Incredible Hulk

The action sequences were intense and creative, while the acting was top-notch.

6. Spider-Man

The original Spider-Man was an excellent way to get the genre started back again.

5. Iron Man

This was an excellent film filled with entertaining scenes and acting. 

4. V for Vendetta

A dark and entertaining criticism on society.

3. Sin City

This Pulp Fiction hybrid is visually spectacular.

2. Batman Begins

A dark and moody film that started a series of perfection.

1. The Dark Knight

A flawless film about good vs. evil and the choices they are forced to make. The Dark Knight isn’t just the greatest comic book movie, but also one of the greatest movies of all time.

The Incredible Hulk Review

Edward Norton, Tim Roth, and William Hurt, all good actors and all were perfect for their roles in this decently executed super hero movie. This was a pretty good movie, but no where near Iron Man. The Incredible Hulk had some very amazing pros to it, but also had some noticeable cons. First of all, this movie was ten times better than the original, which isn’t saying much at all. SGI was great in this movie and the fights were fun to watch. Because of it’s pace, it really didn’t feel like two hours at all. It was also just an extremely well acted and fun super hero movie that you would’ve hoped for the first time. My problem with it was it had this ability to be really intense and just flat out sweet, but there were times where it was extremely cheesy too and I’m just sitting there wondering why the whole movie couldn’t be intense and cool. I also reallyliked Tim Roth’s character, but when he changed into the Abomination, he was a totally different character and not just his looks because he looked cool, it was the dumb corny lines he yelled out that just took away from the intensity of the character. The action sequences were well-thought out, creative and fierce, the dialogue was pretty good, and bruce banner/hulk’s emotional/physical problems were shown expertly in this adaption. Oh and the most famous hulk line isn’t even in the movie, it’s made a joke of (corny). Overall, it was an awesome super hero movie and an ok movie. 

Grade: C+

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of the Rest of the Year

This list consists of my must see movies of 2008 in order from least to greatest.

  • 10. Get Smart
This looks like a decently funny movie with fun actors.

  • 9. Choke
I’m reading the book right now and it’s amazing, I’m just a bit worried about the director.

  • 8. Hancock
Looks pretty funny, while at the same time, kinda stupid, but I think Will Smith was the right pick for the part.

  • 7. Wall-E
There has not been one pixar movie that I didn’t like. I don’t think this will be any different.

  • 6. The Incredible Hulk
The first one sucked, sure, but that’s the whole reason they’re remaking it. Oh, and Edward Norton is an amazing actor.

  • 5. The Road
I’m about to read this book, it’s by Cormac McCarthy (author of No Country For Old Men), if it’s half as good as No Country, it’ll be amazing.
(No Trailer Out Yet)
  • 4. Quantum of Solace
I can’t wait for this movie, Casino Royale was my favorite Bond movie.
(No Trailer Out Yet)
  • 3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button 
I love David Fincher as a director and this might be his best since Fight Club.

  • 2. Burn After Reading 
The Coen Brothers are amazing and this movie looks amazing.

  • 1. The Dark Knight
I can not wait for this movie, it will be spectacular.