Watchmen Review

Watchmen was one of those movies that you walk in expectations. It wasn’t a movie you were dragged to knowing that it would be terrible, and it wasn’t a movie (atleast not for me that it) that you’ve been anticipating for half a year expecting greatness and nothing short of it. It was a movie that could’ve been terrible, amazing, or decent. And for me, it hit the latter category straight on the nose. Watchmen was a decent movie, that’s all it was. Its not amazing like the die-hard comic book loving fan might tell you, and its not terrible like the average blockbuster movie watching guy, who was expecting an action packed superhero movie and got something completely different, might tell you.

I enjoyed Watchmen because it wasn’t your average super hero movie. It was a 2 hour and 40 minute movie that did have some action, but also it told a story that had many philosophical points to make. It also, while throwing much intelligent imagery and symbolism at you, formed itself as a criticism on both society and comic book movies. It sort of did to comic book movies, what Scream did to slasher movies, if you can understand what I’m trying to say. I did enjoy that aspect of it.

While being a very different comic book movie, I still had many reasons I didn’t enjoy it, which is why, even with its creative ideas and writing, it still wouldn’t be very high on a top comic books movie list because movies like The Dark Knight, Batman Begins, Sin City, and V for Vendetta, still pass this movie by leaps and bounds. During this extremely visibly long movie, a very well-thought out story was told that I’m 100% sure was better in comic book form, but my problem was that it was a very inventive story that was told through characters that I did not enjoy watching on screen (for the most part). For a movie thats almost three hours long you have to enjoy almost all of the characters that have a lot of screen time and I only enjoyed two of them.

Don’t get me wrong, the two characters I enjoyed were great, and acted well, but one of them didn’t even have much screen time. Those two characters were Rorschach and The Comedian. Now Comedian was certainly not a character you were supposed to like because he was the definition of an ass hole, but I loved the guy, he ate up every scene he was in with a passion. Rorschach was another great character. Rorschach was by far the best character in the movie and one of the main reasons the movie was worth watching. I enjoyed every second he was on screen.

Unfortunately there were some characters that I absolutely could not stand. Particularly Dr. Manhattan a.k.a. the glowing blue guy who could literally do anything. The delved way too far into this character and a few others that just didn’t do it for me. All and all Watchmen was probably one of the greatest graphic novels ever written, I can tell that from watching the movie because it was a movie that would work so well in comic book form. Because of its praise, it had to be made into a movie and it was decent. It was good, but Its not one of those movies that I’m jumping to see again anytime soon.

Grade: B-

Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2009

Looking ahead to the future year of films I am very excited for a large amount of them. There is one movie that I am very excited for that unfortunately did not make this list. That film is Terminator Salvation. Terminator Salvation looks exceptionally good and more intense than the last few, but I’m also thinking of boycotting it because I don’t think you should make a terminator movie without Arnold. On a different note for any frequent viewers, I will be posting my top ten movies of 2008 and my top ten performances of 2008 soon, so stay tuned and be patient. Well here’s my top ten most anticipated movies of 2009:



10. Shutter Island

Without knowing much about it other than its about a serial killer escaping to a desolate island, I am excited for it because its directed by Martin Scorsese.


9. The Soloist

This looks like an excellent film of story, acting, and friendship. The trailer gives chills every single time.

8. Watchmen

This looks visually amazing and its based on what’s supposed to be the greatest graphic novels ever written and within the top 100 greatest novels ever written. The story should be great, I’m just worried about the acting and direction.

7. Taken

I love Liam Neeson, the trailer looks great, and this looks like a good piece of entertainment to get this year started.

6. Up

Every ixar movie ever made has been good in my opinion and this looks no different. You can expect a top ten pixar movies list after this is released.

5. Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr. in a Guy Ritchie movie based on a famous novel, sounds like the recipe to a masterpiece to me.


4. The Wolfman

A remake starring a fantastic actor taking a simple story into much poetic and complex depths. Benecio Del Toro has never disappointed and won’t.


3. Public Enemies

This is the next classic gangster movie based on the true crime wave in the 1930s. Its the story of the FBI and the infamous gangster it was invented to stop. The movie stars Christian Bale and Johnny Depp and will be fantastic.


2. Nine

No, not the animated movie by Tim Burton, the epic musical starring Daniel Day-Lewis about a director in the search of his next big money maker and the women trying to force the art out of him.


1. Inglorious Bastards

Quentin Tarantino is a spectacular director, Brad Pitt is a great actor and I haven’t seen a good war movie in a long time. All of Tarantino’s movies are incredible and this is his next masterpiece.