Saw 4

For a horror movie, it was creative and the writers are good at figuring out these traps and stuff, but c’mon they should have never killed the bastard off in the third one, that was soooooo stuped. So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, either yes he’s still alive or no, and somehow he’s pulling strings from beyond the grave. In the third one he dies at the end and if that were the ending for a serias, that would’ve been fine, but you can’t take away the only reasonably good actor in the movie and have the saga continue.

!!!SPOILER!!! if you haven’t seen the movie don’t read ahead

The ending sucked and with the ending of the last one I was expecting something as good as the first one, I did not get my wish.


The autopsy scene in the beginning actually is the ending after everyone dies, and there’s a completely new jigsaw. Give Me a Break. How did the detective get jigsaws body to the autopsy room and himself out of the huge metal door that the evil detective (New Jigsaw) locked. That was stuped and they never should have killed Tobin Bell off.

Grade: C-

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