There Will Be Blood

I’m a little ashamed at this, but this is my first time seeing Daniel-Day Lewis acting, and let me say this. After viewing this, I went right out and rented Gangs of New York and plan to rent My Left Foot soon because Daniel-Day Lewis is one of the most incredible actors I’ve ever seen. There Will Be Blood is basically a biography of a cruel man who loves at times, but hates more often, while educating you a bit on oil. Don’t take the “E” word as a bad thing, it was actually quite interesting. Let me put it this way, this extremely entertaining 2 and a half hour movie felt like an 82 minute movie. When Daniel-Day Lewis is on the screen, which is most of the time, it’s impossible to be bored. This movie was incredible, but the only problem was that Daniel-Day Lewis made it incredible, that’s why it shouldn’t get the oscar, because if the academy gave There Will Be Blood the oscar for Best Picture, your just giving Daniel-Day Lewis another award, because he basically made the movie. Give him the award for acting, he deserves it, there is no question about that, but don’t give it the Best Picture award. This is an amazing movie, go see it.Grade: A+ 

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