The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian Review

Let me start by saying that the first one was much better and if you disagree with that comment then you won’t agree with this review much at all. I feel that they tried way too hard with the action in this one, they just threw a bunch of action scenes at you and it really took away from the simplistic plot that they had. The villain was just annoying in this one, he didn’t make me fear for the main characters at all, especially when you compare him to the white witch from the first one. He was afraid to fight a thirteen-year-old boy, if that’s not scary, then I don’t know what is (sarcasm). What really threw me away from the liking of this movie though was the fact that the only cool character basically wasn’t in it. Aslan the lion played by Liam Neeson, who’s an amazing actor, was barely in it and I was hoping for a lot more from him. I will say that the biblical symbolism was pulled off really well in this movie and there were some good scenes. The song at the end was very unnecessary also.

Grade: C-

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