The First 5 Minutes of The Dark Knight

Here’s the first five minutes of the Dark Knight. It’s absolutely amazing, but try to resist it, it’ll be better in the theater, but I’m posting it for anyone who doesn’t care. I couldn’t resist and now I watch it daily, It becomes an addiction. It’s pretty bad quality, but it makes up for it by being amazing.

Here’s another video that a viewer told me to look it. It’s kind of funny, kind of cool. Looked like it was hard to make.

3 thoughts on “The First 5 Minutes of The Dark Knight

  1. ahhh darn the video did not work…Hello My Name Is R.A. Grimes and I am a novice animator. I did a 2 minute short called Dark Knight: The Last Laugh. I used the vocal talents of AL Pacino as the Dark Knight and Robert DeNiro as the Joker, it comes from the infamous scene in Heat.It took countless days to finish, but it is my proudest pieces, I hope you enjoy it enough to share it on your blog.
    Here is the link

    Thank You For Your Time
    R.A. Grimes

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