Top Ten Quentin Tarantino Movies

Ranking the films of Quentin Tarantino is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Once I heard word of Inlgourious Basterds I decided to hold off on this list. Quentin Tarantino certainly has his own style of directing, no one, absolutely no one can produce scenes as good as he can. I’m going to be releasing a list of my favorite movie scenes soon and a lot are from the great mind of Quentin Tarantino. It seems that every single scene is nurtured and treated with respect, making each of his films quite magnificent.

Also, obviously any fan of Tarantino knows that he hasn’t directed ten films, only six. So to fill up the other four spots I’ve decided to include the films that he’s also written or created the “story” for or “special guest directed” (whatever that means). This made the list even more difficult to design because Some of the films he’s written I believe stack right up there with his other masterpieces. Well, here it is. Hope you enjoy.

10. From Dusk Till Dawn


From Dusk Till Dawn is just down right fun. Tell you the truth, its not a very good movie. It’s pretty darn corny (on purpose). I could pick up and watch this movie any time. You just have a blast with it. Its hard not to. It starts off as a crime caper, following a spree of the fictional Gecko brothers played by George Clooney and Tarantino himself. Half way threw, the movie takes a completely unexpected turn into chaos. I don’t want to go into detail because the less you know, the better the outcome.

9. Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown is a fantastic film about the double crossings that occur when $500,000 in gun runner money is up for grabs. This is the only Tarantino movie he directed that isn’t an original script. And though it’s great it is the worst film Tarantino directed. Its based off a book and I believe that’s the reason it doesn’t stack up to the caliber of his other movies. Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie, its just not nearly as amazing as a lot of the other movies on this list.

8. Sin City

Quentin Tarantino was the “special guest director” of Sin City. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I could certainly see some of his style in this film. Sin City is probably the most visually appealing movie I’ve ever seen. It’s quite the beautiful film about not so beautiful crooks. It tells three violent tales involved in the same brutal city. I love every one in this star studded cast and I can never get enough of the film itself. I could and have watched this film an outlandish amount of times.

7. True Romance

True Romance is the first script Quentin ever wrote. Its also one of his best written scripts. I love True Romance it offers a story of violence, drugs, criminals, cops, but most of all, true love. Its the story of a loser who falls mutually falls in love with a call girl. When he accidentally steals a suit case full of cocaine, it sets off a chain of events that lead to chaos. Also, there is a particular scene shared between Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper. It is literally one of the greatest scenes ever put on screen. Don’t take my word for it though, you have to watch for yourself.

6. Reservoir Dogs


Reservoir Dogs is the first movie Quentin Tarantino ever directed and it is nothing short of amazing. It tells the tale of a heist gone wrong with out actually showing the heist. Its really a brilliant film showing the aftermath of a heist gone wrong. The fact that one of them just so happens to be a cop offers a bit of fun to the mix. One character I particularly love is the downright sadistic Mr. Blonde. Watch for a scene where he cuts off a mans ear while listening to “Stuck in the Middle With You”.

5. Death Proof

Most people didn’t like the Grindhouse experience or Death Proof for that matter. I for one wasn’t a huge fan of Planet Terrror, I did how ever love every moment of Death Proof and I mean every moment. Death Proof is “the” guilty pleasure movie for me. I look at it and can see that its not that great of a movie. To me it’s a masterpiece though because of how much enjoyment I get out of watching it and trust its been a large amount. I love Kurt Russel, but I never enjoy him as much as when he plays Stuntman Mike. I also love a good car chase, but no car chase is as enjoyable to me as the one at the end of this film. I absolutely love Death Proof and I always will.

4. Kill Bill

If any of Quentin Tarantino’s films can be considered epic, it’s Kill Bill. Kill Bill is a four hour masterpiece driven by the greatest female hero ever put on screen and a fantastic antagonist played to perfection by David Carradine. Kill Bill is the greatest story of well -deserved revenge ever. We know exactly what she’s after, we can’t wait till she achieves in her actions and when she finally does, there’s not much else that is as satisfying. There is an incredible amount of memorable moments from the battling of an entire army of ninjas to a fight between a one-eyed nemesis. I’d also like to mention that Kill Bill has the greatest beginning in film.

3. Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest films ever made. A masterpiece made up of amazing characters, writing and directing. Has the most quotable script of all time. It’s really amazing how wildly entertaining and amazing a film that Pulp Fiction is. It tells many different stories with many different characters and many memorable moments. Its almost impossible to compete with the palette of awesomeness that is Pulp Fiction. Its hard to express into words my love and admiration for this piece of art. You really have to see this brush stroke in originality for your self. Pulp Fiction basically defines great filmmaking.

2. Django Unchained


Quentin Tarantino knows characters, he knows writing and he sure as hell knows how to make a film. That is a perfect combination and Django Uncahined is a perfect movie. Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson make a savage team as the slithery and horrible Calvin J. Candie and his house slave Stephen. Standing against them are the cunning and friendly Dr. King Schultz and the freed slave Django, a hero through and through.

With Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino has crafted a spaghetti southern surrounding the dark tragedy that is slavery. Along with his new found friend, Django is the stuff of legend. he’s a hero filled with love and rage. His journey is one of purpose and vengeance. Purpose being the rescue of the woman he loves with vengeance against the onslaught of slavery. Django Unchained manages to surpass the greatness that is Pulp Fiction. Django Unchained offers a folk tale of a movie that is unstoppably gripping.

1. Inglourious Basterds

Back in 1992, with the release of Reservoir Dogs , Tarantino showed that he’s a force to be reckoned with. Than he released a masterpiece in 1994 entitled Pulp Fiction. A film so utterly amazing that no one thought (including me) it could ever be topped. He came close in 2003 and 2004 with the release of the epic samurai tale, Kill Bill. Even that wasn’t  able to top Pulp Fiction. It took him 15 years, but he finally did it. He created one of the greatest movies of all time. A film I’m sure he’ll never be able to top. What he created was a spectacle of everything that makes a movie fantastic. I can honestly say with out a doubt in my mind that Inglourious Basterds is Quentin Tarantino’s greatest piece of cinema.

It’s the story of three very memorable characters whose stories intertwine and collide within the darkest time in history (WWII). One character is a young jewish woman (Shosanna) bent on avenging her slaughtered family. Another charcter is a renegade American Lieutenant ,with a penchant for scalping Nazis, who’s hired to lead a band of jewish soldiers whose intentions include causing as much damage as they can to the Third Reich. The last character is one of the greatest ever put on screen. Colonel Hans Landa, played pitch-perfectly by Christoph Waltz, is a nazi detective whose motives are clear to him and him alone.

In the film Inlgourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino has a blast telling the exact story he wants to tell. He holds no punches and has fun with it and as a result I have fun. I love every moment of Inglourious Basterds because Quentin cares about every single moment of this film. Each moment is pivotal to the tale at hand and you never want to take your eyes off the screen. Inglourious Basterds is a masterpiece in every single sense of the word.

45 thoughts on “Top Ten Quentin Tarantino Movies

  1. Nice list, although I still think without a shred of doubt in my mind that Pulp Fiction will never be topped. Inglorious Basterds was problably my least favourite Tarantino film besides Jackie Brown. Keep in mind I am NOT dissing IB, I thought it was fantastic, I just ADORE Pulp Fiction. Other than my two cents, great list, nice little reviews and nice choice of film stills.

  2. First off you shouldn’t rank a movie number one just because it is the newest one and it is fresh in your mind. Let it sink in a bit. Also you should do a little research before you do something like this. how do you put Sin City higher than reservoir dogs? That is one of his best movies and he only directed one scene in Sin City. I know it is opinion but the number one should be reservoir dogs of pulp fiction hands down.

    • I didn’t rank Inglourious Basterds number one because its new or “fresh”. I ranked it number one cause its the best movie he’s ever made and probably will ever make. When it comes to Reservoir Dogs, I’ll put the film where ever I feel. I didn’t enjoy it as much as his other films obviously. How ’bout you go make your own list if you have such a problem with mine.

  3. Finally how do you include from dusk ’till dawn and not include natural born killers? Yes his script got a little butchered but that is a much better movie than dusk till dawn. I am starting to think you know nothing about tarantino

  4. Douchey mctitty is a retard and to busy eating pork to ever right a list this good because his fingers are to fat and sticky….I agree with everything on this list apart from sin city but thats understandable….

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  6. Nice list, although in my opinion, this is how it should go:

    1. Pulp Fiction
    2. Reserviour Dogs
    3. Kill Bill
    4. True Romance
    5. Inglorious Basterds
    6. Death Proof
    7. Sin City
    8. From Dusk Till Dawn
    9. Jackie Brown
    10. Natural Born Killers

  7. I haven’t seen all of these films so my list is probably biased but I’d definitely have IB as one and probably Pulp fiction as second because I can tell its a great movie. Then I’d have Natural born killers and Kill Bill follow. I loved From dusk and True romance but I don’t think they are as great as the othe ones. I doubt Death proof is that great of a film to film standards. They’re all awesome, I just don’t have much opinion for Reservoir and Jackie because I haven’t seen them.

  8. Great list! I am a huge tarantino fan and think your list is pretty well spot on (in my opinion)! Well maybe I would have moved natural born killers a little higher on my list 🙂
    But again, great list, really helped my silly friend who looked at my with blank expression and asked me who tarantino is when I was talking about his films! Lol I could have slapped her!!!!

  9. Тупые педики, каждый фильм Тарантино – это шедевр и нельзя говорить, что какой – то лучше, а какой – то хуже, каждый крут по своему!!!

  10. Nice list BUT like most people on here I think pulp fiction is the number one movie.
    Of course it is always Down to personal preference. Also I gotta say I thought I was the only one that really loved death proof.

  11. Huge Tarantino fan. I agree almost 100% with your thoughtful, conversation provoking list. IB is my favorite too (also felt like I was the only one). Death Proof is high up on the list for me too. I would have included Four Rooms and that would have probably knocked off Sin City, and Reservoir Dogs would have come in third place making Death Proof number four. I can scarcely remember Jackie Brown, it’s obviously super Fonzie cool but it has pacing problems. Thanks for the awesome list!

    • Cool list, I’m a little late here seeing the post was made 2 years ago but I swear I’m the only QT fan that thinks Jackie Brown is hands down his greatest. Thought the pacing was perfect and besides Pulp Fiction, it was his best cast movie by far. Inglorious is strong three though and unfortunately Death Proof would have to be my number 10. I would say the pacing with that movie is off before any of his others. Also side note… I’m making room somewhere at 2 or 3 for Django Unchained… I read the script and I already know it’ll be better than IB, but how he translates it on the screen will be another thing… cannot WAIT!

  12. People sure have funny tastes. Most of these movies are crap. Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction are a class apart for their story telling and script. Inglorious was just a dumb movie, as were Dusk-Dawn, Natural Born Killers and Death Proof (this last one was even a movie?). Kill Bill 2 had a modicum of intellectual power, KB 1 was creative in parts but these adoloscent-targeted directors really should stop with the excuse of “tribute to (Japanese/Chinese/xyz)” cinema.

    As such:

    1. Pulp Fiction (genius film with excellent camera work and script)
    2. Jackie Brown (a movie for thinking minds, and some fantastic moments)
    3. (Distant 3) True Romance

    …all other overrated junk….

  13. Jackie Brown is a top 3 Tarantino film, in part BECAUSE it’s based off a novel. Not just any novel, but an Elmore Leonard novel. Perfect film.

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  20. The only real problem I have with this list is that Sin City should really not be on there. Don’t get me wrong, I love love Sin City, it’s just that Quentin only directed one small scene in it. He directed the scene involving Dwight (Clive Owen) and Jackie Boy (Benicio Del Toro) in the front of the car, before Dwight is pulled over by a police officer. Other than that very small scene, not that it wasn’t great, Sin City is really Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller’s masterpiece, and I just don’t think it should be on this list of Quentin Tarantino’s movies. This is just my opinion though, and I will admit I watched Sin City after I heard that Tarantino had a part in it. It’s kind of interesting though cause Tarantino was only payed $1 for directing that scene. It was in repayment to Robert Rodriguez who created the score for Kill Bill Vol.2 for $1.

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