#2 Jack Torrence (The Shining)

Here he is, Jack Torrence, known for his axing down of doors and and referances to late night TV shows. He is one of the greatest characters in film history and it was hard for me to make him number two because he’s so dang memorable. From his extremely repetitive novel to his discussions with imaginary Bartenders, this character is one of the many reasons why Jack Nicholson is my favorite actor. Mr. Torrence is spectacular character and Jack Nicholson is a spectacle to watch as him. 


  • Actor: Jack Nicholson 
  • Quote: “Wendy, darling, light of my life, I’m not gonna hurt you, you didn’t let me finish my sentence. I’m not gonna hurt ya, I’m just gonna bash your brains in, ha, I’m just gonna bash them righ the fuck in!! HA ha”
  • Action: Writes what everyone thinks to be a novel for a month and a half, but it turns out to be the same sentence over and over, All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
  • Clip(s):

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