Pineapple Express Review

This was a great comedy and unlike Tropic Thunder was just laugh after laugh with different jokes instead of just repeating the same unfunny ones. The movie  was consistently funny, and a bit less raunchy than past Apatow projects, which is somewhat of a breath of fresh air, not that I don’t like the raunchy Superbad comedy, it’s just nice to see Rogen and Apatow can still be hilarious when it’s not forced. Pineapple Express reminded me of a more funny version of Hot Fuzz. Everyone was hilarious as usual Seth Rogen was funny as hell and James Franco was perfect as the pothead pot dealer. The only problem was the main characters who get high about one thousand times during the movie seem to be smarter than the average pot head, like how Dale figures out they might find them because he threw his roach. This movie was consistently hilarious in every scene and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies like Knocked Up and Superbad.

Grade: B

Tropic Thunder Review

Let me begin this review with the statement that I truly hate Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller with a passion, but I’m not being biast when I say that I truly don’t see what all the fuss is about with this movie, it was not that funny. I say this though, even though I hate Cruise more than Stiller, Tom Cruise was freaking hilarious I laughed whenever he was on screen. Robert Downey Jr. was pretty funny too, but I expected more from Jack Black. Stiller sucked as usual. The referances to classic war movies were pretty funny, but other than that, most of the time they wouldn’t make any funny spare of the moment jokes like all comedies need, they’d just try to make you laugh at the same joke that you probably didn’t even laugh at the first time. Like the whole Simple Jack thing wasn’t even funny and they just kept pushing it on you. All and all, there were some funny parts involving Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr., but enough of it to recommend this movie.

Grade: C-

Top Ten Dark Knight Characters

I think by now most of us agree that The Dark Knight is a spectacular movie. One might ask the question, What makes The Dark Knight spectacular? Well, you can find my opinion to that question here. This list is dedicated to one of the many big reasons why The Dark Knight is an incredible movie, and that reason is the ell-acted characters behind the movie. Here’s my ten favorite.

!!! SPOILERS !!!

10. The Bank Manager

This aggressive bank manager runs a mob bank with an iron fist. He’s not afraid to kill any clowns (literally) who try to steal from him and his bosses. 


9. Coleman Reese

The Wayne Enterprises executive who knows who Batman is and eventually releases that the world needs him, luckily before he spills the beans.


8. Sal Maroni

The heir to the Falcone crime syndicate became too power hungry when he and his friends unwittingly hired The Joker to do their dirty work, not knowing what he was actually getting him self into.


7. Rachel Dawes

A  much more arresting Rachel Dawes than the first. Instead of just being a damsel in distress, she was able to hold her own when needed.


6. Lucius Fox

He is a comic relief character who plays a lot bigger part than in in the first. He can help Batman with any toy he needs and knows better than most the rue meaning of right and wrong.


5. Batman/Bruce Wayne

The ultimate good in a cruel world. So good that he’s will ing to take the blame for multiple murders in order to save the the people who hate him.


4. Jim Gordan

Commissioner Gordan is a brave and good officer, one of the few. He faked his death in order to stop the plaque that was spreading in gotham. A good man who would give his life to save the people he loves.


3. Alfred Pennyworth

A kind and intelligent butler whose always there to help the people he loves when they’re down. He’s played to perfection by Michael Caine and he is like a father to Bruce when he most certainly needs one.


2. Harvey “Two-Face” Dent

Mr. Dent represents the ultimate representation of man vs. self. In the beginning he is the definition of good, knowing farwell that Batman is more than just a vigilante, but a hero among men. Half way through he becomes a murderer in search of revenge who by the end of it all has Joker’s words coming out of his mouth.


1. (This must’ve been surprising) The Joker

The Joker is not just the greatest Dark Knight Character, but also the greatest character in film history. No explanation I give here will do the character so just go here. All I can say is that he’s intense and comically evil. He’s brilliantly made into the most iconic villain of all time in my opinion by the genius of an actor Heath Ledger. He’s pure evil, a masterpiece of a performance by a brilliant actor.

Top Ten Dark Knight Posters

The Dark Knight has been released now for almost a month and has made around $450,000,000. There was more hype for this movie than any movie in a long time and for once the movie was well worth the torturing wait. Everywhere you looked, you saw either an advertisement, a trailer, or a poster. This top ten list is a list of my favorite Dark Knight Posters, you’ve seen them all, but which one is your favorite. Find out which one is mine.

10. A basic poster that had a decently cool design.

9. Fun to look at, at the first time, but overly used.

8. I enjoy this poster alot and it never gets much recognition.

7. A neat design, but the idea could’ve made for a better poster.

6. I love this poster because its the only extreme close-up on the Joker’s face. I would’ve liked to see something more than just HA, though.

5. A very colorful, yet moody design.

4. An excellent poster. Simple, yet dark.

3. A very cool poster showing all three main characters in creative ways.

2. The original Dark Knight tag line poster is one to be remembered with its creative and grisly design.

P.S. The red letters under the the website name uncoded say: A TASTE FOR THE THEATRICAL

1. Some may disagree with my number one, but I think this poster perfectly shows The Joker’s insanity and lust for destruction. It’s intense and shows the realism of the now iconic villain.

Top Ten Comic Book/Graphic Novel Movies

Through the years movies have been made based on comic books, graphic novels or comic book characters. Some have been excellent movies worthy of the praise any other movie might get in a different less childish genre. Some have not been so good, anyone remember Daredevil or X-Men 3. Well, this list isn’t about the comic book movies that were terrible, it’s about the comic book movies that were good. When you here comic book, you might think of super powers, but that’s not always true. In fact, more than half the movies on the list don’t involve any powers. Well here’s a list of my top ten favorite movies based on comic books or comic book characters:

10. The Mask

The decently comically written movie was made hilarious by funny man Jim Carrey.

9. A History of Violence 

The grisly crime thriller, is well acted, violent and intelligently woven.

8. Batman

The original Tim Burton film was fun to watch because of the beautiful sets and the hysterical performance by Jack Nicholson.

7. The Incredible Hulk

The action sequences were intense and creative, while the acting was top-notch.

6. Spider-Man

The original Spider-Man was an excellent way to get the genre started back again.

5. Iron Man

This was an excellent film filled with entertaining scenes and acting. 

4. V for Vendetta

A dark and entertaining criticism on society.

3. Sin City

This Pulp Fiction hybrid is visually spectacular.

2. Batman Begins

A dark and moody film that started a series of perfection.

1. The Dark Knight

A flawless film about good vs. evil and the choices they are forced to make. The Dark Knight isn’t just the greatest comic book movie, but also one of the greatest movies of all time.

#1 The Joker (The Dark Knight)

The reason I love The Dark Knight is because it is the most perfect rendition I have ever seen of good vs. evil and that evil that I’m talking about is my #1 favorite character of all time, and I don’t see any character surpassing The Joker, because what you have is an evil so psychotic, so sadistic, and with zero empathy for the world he’s destroying in his path that nothing he does next would surprise you unless it was something good. He’s genius in all he wrong ways because he faces his enemies with impossible choices and enjoys watching them scrirm. He’s not even able to kill the one person who stands in his way because he enjoys the thrill of having a nemesis, because he understands that like the Devil needs god, evil needs good, and The Joker needs Batman or life would just be so boring. From the many ways Joker got his scars to The Joker’s twisted logic of what’s right and wrong, the Joker is the greatest character in film history in my opinion and I dare you to argue that fact.

  • Actor: Heath Ledger
  • Quote: “You, you just couldn’t let me go, could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are, incorruptable aren’t you? You won’t kill me out of some miplaced sense of self-righteousness and I won’t kill you because you’re just too much fun. I get the feeling you and I are destined to do this, forever.”
  • Action: Burns an incredibly large amount of money just so he can “watch the world burn”.
  • Clip(s):
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