Gran Torino Review

Walking into Gran Torino, I was expecting an average movie that would attempt to show that Clint Eastwood could still be an action hero and kick ass. Well I saw that Clint Eastwood can still act and direct to close to perfection at the age of 78, but this was so much more then the gritty action movie I was expecting to watch. Its an unexpected must-see of racism and people changing for the better. It’s was much better than I was expecting it to be.

Gran Torino is the story of a bitter old man named Walt Kowalski who just lost the only person he ever truly loved. He’s an enraged bigot and a war veteran. He’s the last american living in his neighborhood and doesn’t like it. He uses offensive stereotypical names throughout and doesn’t let up. He ends up befriending a few of his neighbors and learning that there’s more to life than lonliness and hatred. Throw ina 1972 Gran Torino and a gang whose leader is related to one of the chinese neighbors, and what you’ve got is a fantastic movie.

Clint Eastwood was absolutely spectacular in this film. I loved every moment he was on screen, which was 95% of the movie. I pray that this, even though it was a great movie, won’t be his last movie. If its not too much to ask I also pray he would do just one more western, that would be amazing. If there’s one complaint I would make about this film it would be the acting. Aside from Clint Eastwood being amazing as usual, the rest of the cast was a bunch of mediocre no-named actors. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with no named actors, they sometimes can add to the realism of the movie, but the least you could’ve done is picked some good ones.

That was the only con out of a lot of pros. What was so enjoyable about Gran Torino, was while is was a very emotional and dramatic tale race and the good that can shine from the darkest of places, it also had a lot of comic relief. There were many moments that made me laugh out loud. It wasn’t the racist jokes that were funny, it was the arrogance of the character that was funny. It was the way Walt treated everybody especially his friends. All and all Gran Torino was a great watch and I can’t wait to enjoy watching it again.

Grade: A-

Top Ten Most Anticipated Films of 2009

Looking ahead to the future year of films I am very excited for a large amount of them. There is one movie that I am very excited for that unfortunately did not make this list. That film is Terminator Salvation. Terminator Salvation looks exceptionally good and more intense than the last few, but I’m also thinking of boycotting it because I don’t think you should make a terminator movie without Arnold. On a different note for any frequent viewers, I will be posting my top ten movies of 2008 and my top ten performances of 2008 soon, so stay tuned and be patient. Well here’s my top ten most anticipated movies of 2009:



10. Shutter Island

Without knowing much about it other than its about a serial killer escaping to a desolate island, I am excited for it because its directed by Martin Scorsese.


9. The Soloist

This looks like an excellent film of story, acting, and friendship. The trailer gives chills every single time.

8. Watchmen

This looks visually amazing and its based on what’s supposed to be the greatest graphic novels ever written and within the top 100 greatest novels ever written. The story should be great, I’m just worried about the acting and direction.

7. Taken

I love Liam Neeson, the trailer looks great, and this looks like a good piece of entertainment to get this year started.

6. Up

Every ixar movie ever made has been good in my opinion and this looks no different. You can expect a top ten pixar movies list after this is released.

5. Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr. in a Guy Ritchie movie based on a famous novel, sounds like the recipe to a masterpiece to me.


4. The Wolfman

A remake starring a fantastic actor taking a simple story into much poetic and complex depths. Benecio Del Toro has never disappointed and won’t.


3. Public Enemies

This is the next classic gangster movie based on the true crime wave in the 1930s. Its the story of the FBI and the infamous gangster it was invented to stop. The movie stars Christian Bale and Johnny Depp and will be fantastic.


2. Nine

No, not the animated movie by Tim Burton, the epic musical starring Daniel Day-Lewis about a director in the search of his next big money maker and the women trying to force the art out of him.


1. Inglorious Bastards

Quentin Tarantino is a spectacular director, Brad Pitt is a great actor and I haven’t seen a good war movie in a long time. All of Tarantino’s movies are incredible and this is his next masterpiece.