Top Ten Pixar Movies

Like I’ve said in the past and ‘m sure I’ll say in the future, Pixar has never once let me down and at this point after 10 masterpieces, I seriously would be highly surprised if they ever did. Yes this list wasn’t hard to narrow down which films would be on the list because there’s only 10 options, but to be honest, this was probably one of the hardest lists to make an order to because every single Pixar movie is so closely awesome. The only ones I say I don’t love are the tenth movie on this list and Cars 2. The ninth pick is very close to being as good as the 1st and that’s because Pixar just can do no wrong, but I think I’ve managed to order this list in a way that each film is just a bit better than the last. Ten films all rich with characters, color and morals. Each is a fantastic film, but which is the best of the bunch:

And P.S. when a new Pixar movie comes out each year, I’ll order the list to put it somewhere, that is unless it doesn’t deserve a spot.

10. Brave


When it comes to Brave I expected one thing and I got another. I couldn’t wait to see Pixar’s version of a fantasy genre and what I received, packaged beautifully, was the story of a daughter and a mother. Merida is a fantastic Pixar character and don’t even get me started on her supremely animated hair. You can’t expect much else from Pixar than greatness and this spectacular story about love between a daughter and mother is great.

9. The Incredibles

Pixar’s action packed superhero flick is so entertaining and well made. Its one of their most elaborate to date and it was sad for me to have to put it this high on the list. Its certainly one of those movies you could just pick up any time, watch, and still enjoy time and time again. Pixar had already made plenty of masterpieces prior to The Incredibles and then they blew everyone away again with a story that wasn’t just heart-warming, it was cool.

8. Cars

Pixar’s longest feature yet is a spectacular movie that just barely missed the top five. The movie was full of such vibrant scenery and incredible characters. The movie is made so watchable by its energy and excitement. The message is also so simple and yet so heart felt in the end. Quite the memorable movie indeed.

7. Finding Nemo

Most will disagree with the place of this one and some might even call this their favorite, but I just don’t think it’s as good as the other films on this list to be honest. I for one think it is a fantastic movie, but it’s also the most overrated Pixar movie to date, because other Pixar movies, which are better, are overlooked more often. Finding Nemo tells the tale of one incredible journey of a father searching for his son.

6. Ratatouille


Ratatouille was the first Pixar movie I was legitimately scared to see. I just didn’t think it looked that good. Where all past Pixar movies were about colorful characters such as Monsters, Toys, or Fishes, this one was about Rats. And you know what, it totally worked and from after watching Ratatouille I knew never to doubt Pixar again. Ratatouille is phenomenal from start to finish. PIxar makes you love it’s characters and Remy, the rat in love with the art of cooking, is awesome.

5. Monsters Inc.


The highly memorable Monsters Inc. is a force to be reckoned with. It had such an intelligent premise, but not only that, it had the fantastic characters played by fantastic actors and throw in a cute little girl and what you get is simply a spectacle beyond belief. The world PIxar creates is a wondrous one. Monsters Inc. is an extraordinary and satisfying film that plays with our emotions through out. It’s hard not to love every minute.

4. A Bug’s Life


A Bug’s Life is masterpiece. It’s also the most underrated Pixar movie out there. I could never get bored of this film. Not only does it have fantastic messages, characters, color, story, etc. It also offers the greatest villain in cartoon history. Hopper is brilliantly played by the two-time Oscar-winning actor, Kevin Spacey. It’s not just a great Pixar movie, it was is just a fantastic movie. Heroism is at the heart of this tale and it’s completely breathtaking.

3. Up


Up is a remarkably enthralling movie, a true classic as only Pixar could make. The beginning of the movie is arguably Pixar’s greatest feat. In mere minutes we witness the lives and love of a man, Carl, and a woman, Ellie, as they meet at a very young age and fall for each other instantaneously. The story doesn’t focus on Carl and Ellie however and the sequence serves as more of a preface to the real story, and it’s one of the most memorable Pixar has ever told. It’s an eloquent and masterfully established statement about cherishing the adventure that is life.

2. Toy Story Trilogy


The now-classic that started it all, Toy Story, is a truly flawless animated film. The Trilogy is something so much more and that’ why the entire toy story is what makes my second slot. From its memorable characters and scenes, to its innovation, honestly, where would the industry be without this movie. This film is what got animation back into action. The sequel was just another adventure with the characters we grew to love in the first, while Toy Story 3 is what really captivated me. If I had to choose my favorite of the Trilogy it would Toy Story 3 for it’s whimsical narrative, it’s broad undertones and it’s appreciation for the love we all share for the series and these little toys.



WALL-E is the greatest films ever made by Pixar and it just may be the greatest animated movie ever made, I’d have to put a little more thought into it. It’s a film that really is flawless, it makes you feel every single emotion you’d want to feel watching a movie and most importantly, at exactly the right times. Within the first minutes you fall in love with WALL-E and even though he never says more then 4 words, you still know exactly how he’s feeling and that’s what makes this film so perfect. Pixar manages to create one of their most relatable and human characters ever and he’s a robot, a lonely one looking for love. WALL-E is an incredible film that can be experienced, felt and enjoyed by every living being with a heart. It tells a gorgeous and lush tale that is stuffed to the brim with deeper meaning and thoughtful morals, but at it’s heart it’s one of the greatest stories of love ever told.


26 thoughts on “Top Ten Pixar Movies

  1. Nice compilation. However, I would have to disagree with you on your best choice. Wall E was an excellent movie, no doubt, but there were way better movies than it by Pixar. I know, everyone has their individual opinion, but even considering that, there is NO WAY Wall E deserves the title of the best movie, at least not by a sane mind!

    With all due respect, you really have some hard rethinking to do!


  2. Good list. But I agree Wall-E was great and looked really nice to. But I would say either Up, Toy Story(1), or Ratatouille is number one, and Up and Ratatouille is way better than Cars. That one would not even be on the list for me

  3. I say
    10. Ratatouille
    9. A Bug’s Life
    8. Up
    7. The Incredibles
    6. Toy Story
    5. Toy Story 2
    4. Cars
    3. Monsters, Inc
    2. WALL -E
    1. Finding Nemo

  4. 10. Cars
    9. Toy Story
    8. Toy Story 2
    7. A Bug´s life
    6. Monsters Inc
    5. WALL-E
    4. The Incredibles
    3. Ratatouille
    2. Finding Nemo
    1. UP

  5. 10. Cars
    9. Toy Story 2
    8. Bugs Life
    7. Monsters Inc.
    6. The Incredibles
    5. and 4. WALL-E and UP tied
    3. Ratatouille
    1. and 2. Sorry cant decide between FINDING NEMO and TOY STORY (1)

  6. I say
    10.Bugs Life
    9.toy story 2
    8.The Incredibles
    3.Toy Story (1)
    2.Finding Nemo
    1. Monsters Inc.

  7. 11. Ratatoullie (Havent seen it but doesnt look great)
    10. Wall.E
    9. Cars
    8. The Incredibles
    7. Toy Story 2
    6. Toy Story 3
    5. Bugs Life
    4. Monsters Inc.
    3. Up
    2. Finding Nemo
    1. Toy Story

  8. Oh please. Now, I haven’t watched Wall E but I tried to, I had to leave the cinema I was too bored, so this is my list.
    10. Cars – A bit cheesy, worst pixar film.
    9. Bugs Life- I remember this being too long, enjoyable nonetheless.
    8. Ratatouille – A great great film, very fun.
    7. The Incredibles – First watch was outstanding, would be number 1, but second watch bored me. Only watch this film once.
    6. Toy Story 3 – Worst toy story- just because of the cheesy end.
    5. Toy Story – Really great.
    4. Toy Story 2- My favorite toy story. Really love the shop scene.
    3. Up- Amazing, emotional. Only one fault- those annoying dogs. But I nearly cried at the beginning, so it has to get credit for that.
    2. Monsters Inc- Funniest Pixar movie and I love the idea of the whole film.
    1. Finding Nemo- You can never get bored of this. Splendid, superb, just amazing.

  9. are you kidding me? toy story 3 was simply amazing. seeing andy all grown up as well as the intense storyline. here, to me, is the real list:

    11. Wall-E. Personally I just hated the aspect of there not being dialogue. But, if you were into that I could understand it being higher on this list.
    10. Cars. Terrible, I could never ever get into that movies.
    9. Ratatouille. Fun film, but there’s much better movies up there.
    8. Bugs Life. So many characters and a look on life through the bug’s eyes. I still remember when every single one of them had to work together, the moving circus, when it rained. Great movie.
    7. UP. Up was a fantastic movie and I did cry within the first few minutes. However, I didn’t fall in love with any of the characters like Woody or Mr. Incredible.
    6. Toy Story 2. My least favorite Toy Story, but still a great movie.
    5. The Incredibles. A great movie, still waiting for a sequel with Jack Jack’s powers.
    4. Toy Story 3. This movie would be a lot higher, but I saw it twice and the second time it wasn’t as great. A movie that can get old, but the first time was incredible.
    3. Finding Nemo. This is not one of the most overrated Pixar movies. It’s one of their best. Classic.
    2. Toy Story. Enough said.
    1. Monsters Inc. Agreed with the funniest Pixar movie ever. It never gets old.

  10. I have to disagree with Wall-E as #1, this is my list

    11. Ratatouille. I didn’t find the story as memorable and heart touched as the other pixar movies
    10. Cars. I never liked it, it’s storyline wasn’t very entertaining and this is why it’s so low
    9. The Incredibles. Now I know this is higher up there to most people but I didn’t really care for a lot if that story line, only the fact they were superheros
    8. Wall-E. It gave out a good message about our planet, but not good enough to be higher on my list
    7. Toy Story 2. It was my least favorite of the 3 and I felt it could have been better in different ways
    6. Up. This made me cry and laugh so much. To me it was the funniest pixar film I had seen but I could get attach to the characters like I usually do. (Except for Kevin)
    5. Bugs Life. I remember watching this a lot when I was little and it seriously is like one of those “home movies” that my family loves
    4. Toy Story 3. It was the movie where I had to say good-bye to my most favorite characters and I even cried because of it.
    3. Finding Nemo. It’s something my family of swimmers has always loved and always remember “P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney”
    2. Monsters Inc. This is a classic that I just absolutely adore and love. The whole story line is brilliant, creative, and heart touching at the same time
    1. Toy Story. It’s where pixar started it all and I love it! I used to watch it all the time when I was little and it brings back so many memories. You get attached to those characters because their so selfless, whenever I hear “You’ve got a Friend in Me” I cry, this is the all time best pixar film, sorry whoever disagrees

  11. cars i love it make more of them my son enjoys alot u guys dont know nothing your adults you shouldnt be watching cartoons anyways

  12. Now that Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 are out, here’s my list (best to worst)

    12. Cars 2
    11. A Bug’s Life
    10. Ratatouille
    9. Toy Story
    8. Up
    7. Cars
    6. Toy Story 2
    5. Monsters, Inc.
    4. Finding Nemo
    3. The Incredibles
    2. Wall-E
    1. Toy Story 3

    FWI, Cars 2 SUCKED

  13. You people are moronic.
    12: Cars 2
    11: Cars
    10: Up
    9: Toy Story 3
    8: Ratatouille
    7: A Bug’s Life
    6: The Incredibles
    5: Finding Nemo
    4: Monsters Inc.
    3: Toy Story
    2: Toy Story 2
    1: Wall-E

    There simply is no disputing it. Cars is the worst thing to happen to PIXAR. The rest are pieces of majestic awesomness, with the exception of UP which is an over-rated kids’ film. The plot is awful, they immitated Disney “BAD IDEA” and the overall feel of the film was lacking. Quite frankly it makes me sob Cars 2 came out, and it makes me sob more that Monsters Inc. 2 is coming out. That is one of my favourite films of all time and they WILL ruin it.
    ~There are two opinions in life, my one and the wrong one.

  14. I’m so happy you put Cars on here! I swear, that is THE most underrated Pixar film ever. To this day, I don’t understand why it only got generally positive reviews. It was funny, had memorable characters, the animation was incredible, had a great soundtrack, and was very touching – especially at the end – everything I’d expect from a Pixar flick. Sure, Cars 2 was, admittably, not that great, but I don’t think Cars ever got the respect it deserved. :’)

    (Oh, and I’ve not seen WALL-E, but my sister told me it’s boring. :S)

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