Cars 2 Review

Cars 2 was a film that somehow managed to be disappointing, completely expected and a blast at the same time. I will say this very early on, this is the worst Pixar movie I’ve seen. I’ve loved every Pixar movie I’ve seen except for Cars 2. Which is not to say I didn’t enjoy Cars 2, because I did and rather thoroughly, its just a Pixar film that didn’t reach the quality that every other Pixar film managed to reach.

This as I said before, completely expected. This film simply did not look nearly as amazing as any Pixar movie we’d seen before. It just wasn’t the right decision overall. This would be the sequel to virtually the worst received of all Pixar films, Cars. I loved Cars with a passion, but it can’t be denied that Cars did not get nearly as much reception as films such as The Incredibles or Up. Why make a sequel when we’re all aware you’re capable of creating beautiful originals such as Wall-E. (But don’t get me wrong, if you’re gonna continue a series with a film as flawless as Toy Story 3 then don’t let my words hold you back)

With every Pixar movie, they’ve essentially taken a very general thing (Monters, Rats, Toys, Bugs, Cars, etc.) and created some type of enthralling tale behind it. Cars 2 was essentially Pixar’s take on Spies, they just happened to throw the characters from their story about Cars into this tale and to that idea I say, why not? Just do what you do best and in this case, Pixar has unfortunately not.

That’s where the disappointment comes in. Even though, this was a little bit expected, its just downright disappointing that there actually is a Pixar film in existence now that isn’t amazing. That fact is not only disappointing, but utterly sad. With Cars 2, instead of having sweet morals and storytelling you get a film more heavy on action and attempts at jokes. And the jokes that used to be filled with brilliant wit were now corny and childish. You could certainly recognize some of that originality in its craft that you come to expect from a Pixar film, but this originality overall just wasn’t being used to its full potential. The best way to describe my take on Cars 2 would be to say that it was a pretty great animated film, but only a pretty good Pixar film.

Grade: B-


Toy Story 3 Review

I’ve said it before and I feel as though I must say it again: Pixar has never let me down and it this point, I feel as though it’s impossible that they ever will. Toy Story 3 was amazing and I’d like to say early on that is unquestionably the best of the three. I’m not ashamed to say it, but Toy Story 3 is one of the very few films I’ve seen that was actually able to bring me to tears by the end.

Like every single Pixar movie, Toy Story 3 was colorful and fun for the kids, but also rich in story, characters and morals for all other ages. Unless you don’t have a soul, it’s seriously impossible not to be touched by this film. Toy Story 3 is a film that has so much going for it, adventure, friendship, love, characters to care for, a compelling villain, relatable themes, even an escape scene for god’s sake.

Toy Story 3 is heart-warming cinema at its finest. I loved every moment of it. I can’t see how you couldn’t. These are characters we’ve all come to know and love with all our hearts and this is the last story we’ll ever get to see with them. And what a way to go out on. To put it simply, Toy Story 3 was a film to be remembered. It’s spectacular.

Grade: A

Top Ten Pixar Movies

Like I’ve said in the past and ‘m sure I’ll say in the future, Pixar has never once let me down and at this point after 10 masterpieces, I seriously would be highly surprised if they ever did. Yes this list wasn’t hard to narrow down which films would be on the list because there’s only 10 options, but to be honest, this was probably one of the hardest lists to make an order to because every single Pixar movie is so closely awesome. The only ones I say I don’t love are the tenth movie on this list and Cars 2. The ninth pick is very close to being as good as the 1st and that’s because Pixar just can do no wrong, but I think I’ve managed to order this list in a way that each film is just a bit better than the last. Ten films all rich with characters, color and morals. Each is a fantastic film, but which is the best of the bunch:

And P.S. when a new Pixar movie comes out each year, I’ll order the list to put it somewhere, that is unless it doesn’t deserve a spot.

10. Brave


When it comes to Brave I expected one thing and I got another. I couldn’t wait to see Pixar’s version of a fantasy genre and what I received, packaged beautifully, was the story of a daughter and a mother. Merida is a fantastic Pixar character and don’t even get me started on her supremely animated hair. You can’t expect much else from Pixar than greatness and this spectacular story about love between a daughter and mother is great.

9. The Incredibles

Pixar’s action packed superhero flick is so entertaining and well made. Its one of their most elaborate to date and it was sad for me to have to put it this high on the list. Its certainly one of those movies you could just pick up any time, watch, and still enjoy time and time again. Pixar had already made plenty of masterpieces prior to The Incredibles and then they blew everyone away again with a story that wasn’t just heart-warming, it was cool.

8. Cars

Pixar’s longest feature yet is a spectacular movie that just barely missed the top five. The movie was full of such vibrant scenery and incredible characters. The movie is made so watchable by its energy and excitement. The message is also so simple and yet so heart felt in the end. Quite the memorable movie indeed.

7. Finding Nemo

Most will disagree with the place of this one and some might even call this their favorite, but I just don’t think it’s as good as the other films on this list to be honest. I for one think it is a fantastic movie, but it’s also the most overrated Pixar movie to date, because other Pixar movies, which are better, are overlooked more often. Finding Nemo tells the tale of one incredible journey of a father searching for his son.

6. Ratatouille


Ratatouille was the first Pixar movie I was legitimately scared to see. I just didn’t think it looked that good. Where all past Pixar movies were about colorful characters such as Monsters, Toys, or Fishes, this one was about Rats. And you know what, it totally worked and from after watching Ratatouille I knew never to doubt Pixar again. Ratatouille is phenomenal from start to finish. PIxar makes you love it’s characters and Remy, the rat in love with the art of cooking, is awesome.

5. Monsters Inc.


The highly memorable Monsters Inc. is a force to be reckoned with. It had such an intelligent premise, but not only that, it had the fantastic characters played by fantastic actors and throw in a cute little girl and what you get is simply a spectacle beyond belief. The world PIxar creates is a wondrous one. Monsters Inc. is an extraordinary and satisfying film that plays with our emotions through out. It’s hard not to love every minute.

4. A Bug’s Life


A Bug’s Life is masterpiece. It’s also the most underrated Pixar movie out there. I could never get bored of this film. Not only does it have fantastic messages, characters, color, story, etc. It also offers the greatest villain in cartoon history. Hopper is brilliantly played by the two-time Oscar-winning actor, Kevin Spacey. It’s not just a great Pixar movie, it was is just a fantastic movie. Heroism is at the heart of this tale and it’s completely breathtaking.

3. Up


Up is a remarkably enthralling movie, a true classic as only Pixar could make. The beginning of the movie is arguably Pixar’s greatest feat. In mere minutes we witness the lives and love of a man, Carl, and a woman, Ellie, as they meet at a very young age and fall for each other instantaneously. The story doesn’t focus on Carl and Ellie however and the sequence serves as more of a preface to the real story, and it’s one of the most memorable Pixar has ever told. It’s an eloquent and masterfully established statement about cherishing the adventure that is life.

2. Toy Story Trilogy


The now-classic that started it all, Toy Story, is a truly flawless animated film. The Trilogy is something so much more and that’ why the entire toy story is what makes my second slot. From its memorable characters and scenes, to its innovation, honestly, where would the industry be without this movie. This film is what got animation back into action. The sequel was just another adventure with the characters we grew to love in the first, while Toy Story 3 is what really captivated me. If I had to choose my favorite of the Trilogy it would Toy Story 3 for it’s whimsical narrative, it’s broad undertones and it’s appreciation for the love we all share for the series and these little toys.



WALL-E is the greatest films ever made by Pixar and it just may be the greatest animated movie ever made, I’d have to put a little more thought into it. It’s a film that really is flawless, it makes you feel every single emotion you’d want to feel watching a movie and most importantly, at exactly the right times. Within the first minutes you fall in love with WALL-E and even though he never says more then 4 words, you still know exactly how he’s feeling and that’s what makes this film so perfect. Pixar manages to create one of their most relatable and human characters ever and he’s a robot, a lonely one looking for love. WALL-E is an incredible film that can be experienced, felt and enjoyed by every living being with a heart. It tells a gorgeous and lush tale that is stuffed to the brim with deeper meaning and thoughtful morals, but at it’s heart it’s one of the greatest stories of love ever told.

Up Review

I would like to start by pointing out that Pixar has never once let me down and they certainly haven’t with their tenth film. At this point I seriously doubt I’ll ever be disappointed with a Pixar movie. No matter what it is, whether it’s about colorful and funny monsters or even a rat with a keen sense for food, you can always expect a masterpiece and it’s no different here. Up was a fantastic movie and I can’t wait to own it.

It’s the story of an old man whose lost a loved one and can never let her, or the house where they grew old together, go. When he’s deemed a menace to society and is sentenced to a retirement center he decides to take a trip to South America like he promised his wife he always would with her. He does so by attaching millions of balloons to his house and using bed sheets as sails. When Carl is finally away from the many people that don’t understand him and his love for the person that is no longer around he gets an unexpected visitor. A young wilderness explorer named Russell whose trying to get his “Assisting the elderly badge”.

The relationship that unravels between this grouchy old man and this excited young boy is nothing short of beautiful. Like all Pixar movies there are a wide variety of characters that we meet along the way and a brilliant moral to be learned at the end. The movie was brilliantly colorful and the ideas were fluent and innovative. I loved this film as I do all Pixar movies. Sure this wasn’t their best, but it was still a fantastic movie worthy of praise.

Grade: B+

Wall-E Review

Wall-E is tremendous, astounding, and delightful. So far this year, it doesn’t get better then this movie. Everything in the movie is well-thought out, creative, and interesting to watch. The enviornments and characters are both colorful and entertaining. It’s visually spectacular. Pixar has never made a bad movie in my mind and I truly believe this is their best. What you’ve got is a lonely little robot who doesn’t need words to show emotion. All he needs is his heart, curiousity, and determination. It’s impossible to declare every pro of this movie because there are so many, it is also impossible to tell the cons of this movie because there are none. Pixar has geniously established a robot so realilistic that it doesn’t even say more than six words, but we know exactly what he’s thinking and what he’s fighting for, and that my friends is love. Wall-E is brilliant and entertainment at its best. You’ll laugh, cry, smile, and jump for what is in my mind the greatest animated film ever made.

Grade: A+

Top Ten Pixar Charcters

10.The Abominable Snowman

A small part, but a fun character.

9. Sulley

John Goodman was great as the lovable monster.

8. Wheezy

The cool little penquin from Toy Story 2.

7. Luigi

Only Tony Shaloub could’ve pulled this role off.

6. Doc Hudson

Paul Newman!!!

5. Frozone

Cool charcter, cool actor

4. Mike Wazowski

The cool looking green monster.

3. Syndrome

Awesome villian with great lines.

2. Randall

Steve Buscemi was perfect for this role.

1. Hopper

Seemed like a villian from a crime thriller instead of a kids movie. Kevin Spacey was amazing.

‘nough said