Avatar Review

The second Avatar ended in my theater almost every patron began to applaud. I heard multiple comments to the effect of “That was amazing!” or “Best Movie Ever!”. I heard cheers and whistles and I smiled, I turned to the good friend I had seen it with and he turned to me, he too was smiling. We were two of the few moviegoers in the audience who were not applauding. We were smiling because we knew each other well enough to know that we both hated it.

My friend chuckled and asked sarcastically if I was gonna see “that one seven times” knowing I had seen Inglourious Basterds seven times in theaters. I replied with the simple and meaningful sarcastic remark “Oh yeah”, but what I thought was hopefully not in this lifetime. Unfortunately I will have to watch this movie again… and again and again and again. I’ve actually seen this movie many times before because it is the exact same cliche action movie with the same terrible acting and even worse script that we’ve all been watching since we were kids, except this one looked a little bit prettier. Does that make it better? Almost all will say yes. I strongly disagree.

Avatar was as simple and generic as one of those cheap motion simulator rides that try to have a story and characters, but always fail. Avatar was basically the same except you didn’t get the mildly entertaining moving in this ride, it was just the lame story and some colors flying at you and to top it all off it just so happened to be almost 3 hours long. In what way, shape or form can this be considered a good movie.  At a couple points of the movie, I literally almost fell asleep.

Pros of Avatar: visually appealing yes, but not nearly something I’d clap for. I think there are many other movies that were much more visually appealing. Cons: Everything else. So, do the pros outweigh the cons? Not even close. Do visuals make a movie? NO!, but apparently James Cameron and most of the population think otherwise. Was Avatar a terribly acted, badly written, amateur directed and above all just a terrible movie? Indeed.

Grade: D-

P.S. Why did the giant walking robots have giant guns? Extremely unintelligent. Just have the guns built into their arms.

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