Drag Me To Hell Review

Just recently netflixed Drag Me To Hell, I was hoping for the best because it had gotten some pretty good reviews. I’m also a fan of Sam Raimi’s best work, The Evil Dead series of course so I went in anticipating a breath of fresh air in the genre of horror, but what I got was a pretty terrible movie with even worse writing, directing and especially acting.

First of all, I could understand early on what Raimi was trying to go for. Corny screwball comedy at times, while attempting to be scary at others. The Evil Dead series worked. It didn’t work at all here. The scary scenes weren’t scary and it wasn’t funny in the way it was trying to be. Of course I laughed at its stupidity, it would be impossible not to, but it was still a god awful movie not worthy of the hour and forty-five minutes I spent watching it.

The acting was obviously terrible, I wouldn’t even go so far as to call it sub-par because it wasn’t. You can never really expect good acting from Raimi movies, other than Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, but I think the reason Evil Dead worked was because you were able to look past the corniness and bad acting because the characters were actually fun and entertaining, that’s not the same story here. What I got was an uninteresting plot with uninteresting characters.

Its very rare to see a good horror movie these days. I was pleased with Paranormal Activity this year because it showed me that great horror movies can still be made today. Drag Me To Hell reminded me how bad horror movies usually are these days.

Grade: D+