LOST is unquestionably the greatest thing that the invention called the television has ever allowed us to watch. For that very reason I’ve decided to make a category on my site dedicated strictly to LOST, “The Greatest TV Show Ever Created”. Here, for the most part you’ll find top ten lists that express exactly why and how much I am in love with this epic tale called LOST. And if to justify the fact that I’ve added this category to my site (obviously a site dedicated to my love for film), I will say this. LOST is the most cinematic show in existence. If it were a movie, I’d give it an “A+”. Fortunately though, it’s not a movie, because if it were, it wouldn’t be the 100+ hour long epic masterpiece that it clearly is.

LOST is a television show filled with every single thing that makes anything worth watching. With LOST, you get friendship, love, drama, adventure, action, horror, science-fiction, philosophy, the widest arrangement of characters you would ever hope to meet whether they be good, evil or both and above all else, the show never fails to entertain and surprise until it last beautiful seconds.

I’ve been watching LOST from Day 1 and I stuck with it until “The End”, never once thinking of stopping. I’ve since bought every season and yes have re-watched it and will continue to re-watch it until the day I die. LOST, like any amazing book, song or of course movie, that you love is simply a story that you get to have and hold for as long as you’re breathing. So yes, LOST is over and it has been for almost a year now, but it will live on forever as long as there are fans, like me, who never forget exactly how perfect it truly was.

READ THIS IF NOTHING ELSE, IT’S IMPORTANT: The posts in the category entitled “The Greatest TV Show Ever Created” are dedicated to the show LOST and its fans. They are written by me, a lover of the show, and they will be written as if they are being read by other lovers of the show. If you have not seen the show, do not read the posts in this category. Also, don’t think that just because the show is over you can’t pick it up and start watching it now. Once again, the posts in this category will be addressing many of the essential and pivotal secrets of the show. I’m not going to waste my time and the time of other fans by posting a “!!!SPOILER ALERT!!!” before each post so consider this your first, last and only warning… !!!SPOILER ALERT!!!

Well, let’s get started shall we…

In no way, was that my favorite scene or anything. I just thought I should to put a little snip-bit of LOST to begin with and thought that was a good place to start.

Insidious Review

Insidious is, to put it as simply as possible, a breath of fresh air. It’s a film that breaths life into a genre’s darkest hour. Insidious is proof that spectacular horror films can still be made today. It’s a true trip to a haunted house and leaves you with chills running down your spine long after. It’s a fascinating and horrific excursion into the dark abyss and I loved the ride. Insidious is a horror movie in every sense and other horror filmmakers should take note because they could learn a thing or two.

This is a film that’s reminiscent of the films that made showed the genre exactly how awesome it could be, films like The Exorcist and The Shining. It’s clever, yet simple and at the same time, contrary to some opinions, it feels extremely fresh in its execution, plot and form. Insidious is a film filled with the kinds of things that you’d imagine as a child and if they were real, would scare the living hell out of you as an adult. It seems almost childish and corny by it’s very nature, by due to the style and execution, it never fails to express maturity.

Insidious is a horror film created by people who know exactly what a horror movie should be. A horror movie’s job isn’t to see how many gallons of blood it can spill in grotesque ways. It’s job is to scare you and not just make you jump (yes a horror movie should do that and Insidious does that constantly), but also just make the very idea of being in the dark by yourself seem like an insane one. You never know who or what is lurking in the shadows. A horror movie scares you and your friends on a friday night because feeling fear is fun.

Insidious does its excels in its job with flying colors. Sure you could point out some corny parts, but even The Shining had a bear giving a butler a blowjob. You could look at any of your favorite movies and find some problems, but who cares?! The question isn’t, “what’s wrong with that movie?”. The question is, “Did you have a good time watching this movie?”. I for one had an awesome time watching Insidious.

Grade: A-

Scream 4 Review

If you want to talk about surprises, Scream 4 is it. In no way, was I expecting anything remotely resembling a good movie from Scream 4. To my surprise I was very wrong. I won’t lie to you, I have not seen Scream 2 or Scream 3, but I do love the first Scream. I was just never that interested to go out of my way to see the sequels when I’ve heard nothing but bad comments on them. By happen stance though, I was bored and decided just for the hell of it, to get some friends and see the fourth Scream. I had a blast.

In order to get any enjoyment at all out of Scream 4, you have to except it for what it is. Like the first Scream, it is not a frightening film, it doesn’t go out of its way to literally attempt to scare or creep you out like The Shining or The Exorcist, it does offer cheap thrills that might make you jump, but no it is not a scary movie. It’s merely a, dare I say brilliant, commentary on the horror (more so sub-genre, slasher) genre in general.

Over the past years, we’ve gotten many horror movies and aside from a few worth mentioning most don’t even come close to what the genre use to be. This is a time period of remakes, sequels and films that try to make you throw up instead of jumping out of your skin. Scream 4 puts a mirror in the face of this generation of horror and says , look what you’ve done. Scream 4 did for this generation of horror films what the original Scream did for its generation of horror films. And since I grew up in this generation I might just have to say that Scream 4 was actually even more enjoyable.

With Scream 4, you’ve got a delightful batch of the same old characters (or should I say suspects) who you get to watch taken out one by one, while attempting, with your friends and a bucket of popcorn, to decipher the who and the why. It’s fun, it’s entertaining, it’s expected and that’s the point. Scream 4 is exactly the movie it should be, nothing more, nothing less. Is it a perfect movie? No. It is however a perfect Scream 4.

Grade: B+

Rango Review

When it comes to animated films, I’m not usually one to rush out and buy a ticket unless of course its a Pixar movie. Rango however was not a Pixar movie, but it was a pretty darn good movie too say the least. My interest was peaked solely by a Johnny Depp performance and the direction of Pirates’ director, Gore Verbinski. That and let’s face it, there’s not much to see in theaters now, but with Rango, I was glad I did.

The plot was a fun one and not the kind you’d might expect from what looks to be a children’s film. A lonely lizard with troubles in finding who he truly is invents a character for himself and becomes the unlikely savior of a town in dire need of saving. While comical through, in turn the movie is whether intense and very mature for what it’s attempting to do. It was almost as if the filmmakers were confused themselves at who their target audience was. At times this made for a few awkward and weird moments. That would be one major complaint.

Aside from that, I had a lot of fun with this film. I loved the delivery by almost every actor, especially Johnny Depp and Bill Nighy. Ned Beatty fit right in with a role that practically mirrored the antagonist of Toy Story 3. The look and feel of the film were top-notch. The animation was absolutely breath-taking. From every scale and grain f sand, the job was done and done perfectly. You couldn’t look away.

The most fun I had with this film came from the very subtle references made to classic westerns. The most recognizable ones came from the brilliant “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, but the most entertaining to me came from the plot in general that seemed to pay homage to themes of “the dying west” that you get a full dose of in “Once Upon a Time in the West”. Rango is a western in every sense and I very fun one, I’d suggest a view.

Grade: B