Wreck-It Ralph Review

From the first time I saw the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph, I had to see it. An animated film about video game? How could I resist such a good idea. I didn’t have much expectations I just wanted see what could be done with it. I was completely blown away by this beautiful tale filled with vibrant characters, powerful moments and incredible imagination. Wreck-It Ralph won me over with its broad themes and its redemptive story reminiscent of the masterfully made Pixar films, in fact I honestly don’t think Pixar could’ve done it better themselves.

Wreck-It Ralph tells the glorious tale of Wreck-It Ralph, a video game villain who wants more out of life, to be a hero. He’s necessary to his game like any other villain, but he’s sick of getting no recognition and living in a dump next to the building that represents the setting of his video game. Ralph’s journey introduces him to vast new lands and faithful friends for there’s much more to the story than initially established.

This arcade world that the film is set in is spectacular. This world is just established perfectly with set rules and regulations that just make sense. Clever jokes are made along the way, but the story and the characters are always at the forefront. It’s a very mature film and it’s clear that a lot of care and time went into the plotting and the creation. While offering a brilliant story fit with subtle and potent morals, Wreck-It Ralph is also consistently supremely entertaining. You can’t keep your eyes off the spectacle of it all.

The images are vivid, the characters are unique and the story is innovative and completely captivating. The film is able to touch on such wide array of emotions that you forget you’re watching a children’s film. Wreck-It Ralph is a beautiful film about accepting who you are and finding the people who love who you are. It’s a wonderful film all around and if I had to guess, you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t find enjoyment in watching this film.

Grade: A

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil Review

It is a very difficult combination to combine both genres horror and comedy. This idea is nothing new though its been attempted many times and sometimes it works, while other times it doesn’t. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a very clear example of an attempt to combine both comedy and horror and fortunately, this is an example of this combination actually working very well.

In the film Tucker and Dale vs. Evil you’ll find every cliche imaginable, you know exactly what’s to be expected from this horror film because we’ve all seen it a million times. Then the film punches you in the face   (in the best possible way) because this is actually nothing like we’ve ever seen before. The supposed villains are dim witted and completely lovable, the attractive blond is actually intelligent, resourceful and not bent on having sex with every guy she sees, the supposed heroic male character is actually a villainous basterd oh and of course everyone is dying in horrific ways, but for all the wrong reasons (or maybe they are the right reasons). Any of this making sense? Good. Just watch it.

Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine are great as the title characters. Their very lovable as I already stated, but due to certain hilarious circumstances they’re not given the chance to show their true colors. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is a fantastic comedy of errors that I could see never growing old. I don’t want to go deep into this plot at risk of giving away a lot of fun to be had (don’t watch the trailer below if you haven’t seen the movie) suffice it to say teenagers take a trip in the middle of the woods all hell breaks loose, sound familiar? It isn’t.

I know with all this praise it looks like Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is some kind of perfect film and its not. There is some pretty awful acting that I believe is placed purposefully, but it gets a little draining. Of course I can be nit-picky for a film like this, but I don’t want to. Fact of the matter is, this is a great film for exactly the movie its trying to be. And for some, it might not be your thing, but if it is, watch it and you’ll have a blast. In all honesty its hard not to.

Grade: B+