Silver Linings Playbook Review

silver linings playbook

David O. Russell follows up his inferior The Fighter with a remarkably touching film of love and self-discovery. I say inferior, but I really enjoyed The Fighter for its realism and the human direction he took the story. There was definitely a prowess to way The Fighter was directed and Russell brings that same flair to his latest and superior outing, a film that was not only more entertaining, but also meant more to me.

First off, it was great to see Robert De Niro in this role. He is one of the greatest actors to have ever performed. Russell has written a fabulous script with genuine characters who change and react to the events around them. There’s certainly a realism to the story and like Robert De Niro, everyone is on their game. Jacki Weaver is great, this is the best I’ve ever seen Bradley Cooper act and as always Jennifer Lawrence is phenomenal.

Silver Linings Playbook was very unconventional and in all the best ways. The film almost had a subtle reflexivity to it in the way everything plays out. By the end, everything is wrapped in a beautiful little bow and at the same time it’s hard not to enjoy the entire ride. Where other movies fail with similar subject matter, Silver Linings Playbook succeeds because it touches on so much more than just covering the family or love story.

Silver Linings Playbook makes you laugh, it makes you tear up, it gets you interested and it keeps you interested with a marvelous story about relationships and the unique personalities that form those relationships whether it be a connection with a father, a friend, a brother or a lover. We’re all a little crazy. Who defines what’s normal? You look at people and no two are the same. Silver Linings Playbook is about people and relishes in their differences.

Silver Linings Playbook follows a simple enough story about a man picking himself back up after a trip to the “looney bin”. Your family can only do so much and the same could be said about friends new and old, but at the end of the day what pulls you through is the strength and ability to change. David O. Russell blew me away with this one and I can’t wait for his next feature because it definitely seems as though he’s coming into his own as a filmmaker. Silver Linings Playbook was extraordinary.

Grade: A

The A-Team Review

The A-Team is a movie filled with great one liners, a team of memorable characters and big dumb action. It was an absolute blast. I wasn’t expecting some mind boggling masterpiece of a film going into The A-Team. I was expecting non-stop action with great actors like Liam Neeson and Sharlto Copley acting well their parts. Do I consider The A-Team a great movie? No. Did I have a great time watching? Hell yes.

The main reason I went to see The A-Team was because it had Liam Neeson as the leading man. He’s one of my favorite actors and he’s playing an awesome character who leads a specially trained group of misfits and never stops smoking a cigar. It was the type of character you could tell he had fun playing and as a result, I had fun watching him play it.

What made the movie even more entertaining than I originally thought it would be was a fantastic performance by Sharlto Copley. Murdock was such a fun character, my eyes were always on him wondering what he’d do next. Other than that, The A-Team did have a story, but I didn’t really care about that, I was just more excited for the next action scene.

The A-Team was a hell of a time. All the actors were right where they belonged and no part of the movie could be considered slow. I went in expecting a good Liam Neeson performance and got more out of the movie than I could’ve hoped. The A-Team is in no way even close to cinema at its finest or anything, it was just fun.

Grade: B-

The Hangover Review

I realize that this review is long overdue because The Hangover was released in theaters in June, but I was never very interested. I heard a lot of talk and praise over the past couple of months and I just had to check it out for myself. I must say, I wasn’t whewed. Don’t get me wrong, I found the movie quite hilarious and I plan to watch it many times in the future it was a damn funny comedy, but that’s all it was.

It wasn’t incredibly funny where I found myself laughing louder than some of my favorites. I just couldn’t pick out personally what the big deal was to tell you the truth. It did have a fun innovative idea and they did it well, but all the movie was, was your average comedy that made you laugh and not even as much as you would’ve hoped based on all the praise.

The Hangover is a great comedy, its just overrated. And that’s not necessarily that bad of a thing I’m saying. I find The Godfather overrated. It’s an incredible movie, but there are many better ones. Some highly respectable critics have been putting it on their top ten movies of the year and its just not making much sense to me. Funny People was a better comedy. The Hangover felt forced at times.

You can have a lot of fun while watching, don’t get me wrong. Its really a flawless plot when it comes to a comedy. Its a comical mystery, you can have a blast because it was made pretty well and you grow to love all the main characters and their interactions. Most already have and I’m the one thats behind, but if you haven’t, go watch The Hangover. You won’t regret it.

Grade: B