#38 Nikolai (Eastern Promises)

He’s intelligent, sick, tough, and a bit disturbed, while at the same time good.

  •  Actor: Viggo Mortenson
  • Quote: “You might want to leave room”
  • Action: Threatens to cut a man’s throat with a gesture using his fingers.
  • Clip(s):

Eastern Promises

This was a very good movie that seemed to be looked past by most people. It was the graphic, intense, and excellent tale of how the lives of a Russian Mafia “driver” and a doctor who unwittingly finds evidence on his boss intertwine. This was a very graphic movie which added to its somewhat realism. The movie was incredibly acted and probably the best I’ve seen Viggo Mortenson do. This wasn’t also just a movie with a good story and good acting, it was also a very entertaining movie. The only problem was that it was a bit short for this kind of movie, you found your self asking for more at the end. Its worth seeing, you won’t regret it.  Grade: A-