Eastern Promises

This was a very good movie that seemed to be looked past by most people. It was the graphic, intense, and excellent tale of how the lives of a Russian Mafia “driver” and a doctor who unwittingly finds evidence on his boss intertwine. This was a very graphic movie which added to its somewhat realism. The movie was incredibly acted and probably the best I’ve seen Viggo Mortenson do. This wasn’t also just a movie with a good story and good acting, it was also a very entertaining movie. The only problem was that it was a bit short for this kind of movie, you found your self asking for more at the end. Its worth seeing, you won’t regret it.  Grade: A- 

3 thoughts on “Eastern Promises

  1. This movie looks really good. I wanna watch it. Viggo looks really cool with his gang sign thing with the neck. What do you think about this movie is up there with the (Godfather, Scarface, White Heat) gangster films?

  2. I enjoyed the movie. It felt real because it was so grisly. It was kind of short, so took away from the epic level of it all, but i’d probably consider it better than Scarface, but not nearly as good as Godfather or Goodfellas. It’s good for a watch, not a buy.

    P.S. I don’t think Scarface is as great as its made out to be so saying its better then that isn’t swaying a lot.

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