This is a waste of time and shouldn’t be viewed by anyone. It was about a guy who kills every person he sees for no reason what so ever. This is just a stuped slasher with no point that brings you back to the days when they would make about a million sequels to Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. It just plain sucked.

Grade: D-


This was by far one of the greatest horror movies I’ve ever seen. It had an incredible story and amazing acting. You’ll never know what’s gonna happen next. The movie always makes you wonder whether or not Cusacks crazy or if the room is actually haunted, but it’s all revealed at the end. If you like horror movies, this is a damn good one, and if you don’t just see it, it was just a fun movie.

Grade: B+

Dead Silence

Dumb Movie. This movie was almost as stupid as the first Hostel. Basically no plot, has the retarded brother of a good actor, and is basically pitch black the whole movie. Never see this movie no matter how much you liked the first Saw.

Grade: F