127 Hours Review

I haven’t seen all of his movies, but I’ve always been a huge Danny Boyle fan. Slumdog Millionaire was his Oscar winning feel-good film, 28 Days Later was undoubtedly the best zombie movie ever (if you consider it a zombie movie) and Trainspotting is one of my favorite movies ever made. With 127 Hours, Danny Boyle releases yet another masterpiece.

Like all Danny Boyle films, everything is there, the music, the characters, the writing, the wit, the fun, but its amplified in every aspect. 127 hours is a full-fledged experience. Rarely was I ever as emotionally engrossed in a film than I was with Aron Ralston’s inspirational story. It was a film that literally needed to be made perfectly for it to work, I’m sure Danny Boyle knew it would be difficult going in, but he took the challenge and succeeded admirably.

The film is based on a took entitled “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, which tells the unbelievable true tale of outdoors-loving, climber Aron Ralston being stuck in a canyon between the canyon wall and an immovable boulder. What takes place is inspirational, to say the least, and absolutely breathtaking.

Obviously, 127 hours is basically a one man show, so not only do you need great directing to keep the audience interested watching one person for basically an entire movie, but you also need a moving performance and James Franco gave nothing short of that. Hearing at first that the role would be played by Franco I was actually a bit weary. He’s good, but I’ve never seen him in a role of this caliber. He never let up once, he was amazing and now I truly couldn’t see anyone else in the role.

All and all, 127 hours is truly a must-see. I seriously can’t see any reason why someone wouldn’t like it, that’s how good it is. Even if you feel you’ll get queasy during some of the undoubtedly brutal parts, you could just close your eyes or something. Everyone owes it to themselves to experience this masterpiece.

Grade: A+

Milk Review

Milk was an inspirational story that certainly needed to be told and it was told pretty well, but it could’ve been told just a bit better. Milk was directed very well and made a story that could’ve been very long and slow into 2 hours and pretty decently paced. The pacing was working really well for about an hour or so and then it began to lose its flow that it had going, but by the 3rd  and most important act, it picked up again with a very moving final 15 minutes. 

Milk is the story, if you don’t already know, about the life and times of Harvey Milk. Milk was the first openly gay man elected into major office. He was elected as a supervisor in San Fransisco in 1978. Its the story of the many times he ran, the speeches he made, and his eventual win with his time in office and the cruelaty he had to face because of the kind of person he was. The movie is much better, the less you know about it, so that’s all I’m giving you.

You’re not going to find much better acting than this by a full cast of characters. James Franco was a very good supporting actor as Milk’s original boyfriend, while Jame Brolin just keeps getting better. Brolin plays another city supervisor opposite Harvey by the name Dan White. The movie, though of course, belongs to Sean Penn who was absolutely spectacular and a very convincing Harvey Milk. Penn will most certainly be nominated, but I don’t believe he will win due to other running mates. Unfortunately I must say that I believe that if he does win, it’ll only be because of the inspirational character he’s playing. 

Milk is a must-see. It’s a tale that must be told and a tale that must be known. It wasn’t as good as it could’ve been, sure, but it was also a lot better than it could’ve been. Milk isn’t the greatest movie of the year, no, not even close, but it was one of the most important. The reason this is true is because its a movie that takes place in the 70s, but it’s on a topic that still hits home for a lot people today. 

Grade: B+

Pineapple Express Review

This was a great comedy and unlike Tropic Thunder was just laugh after laugh with different jokes instead of just repeating the same unfunny ones. The movie  was consistently funny, and a bit less raunchy than past Apatow projects, which is somewhat of a breath of fresh air, not that I don’t like the raunchy Superbad comedy, it’s just nice to see Rogen and Apatow can still be hilarious when it’s not forced. Pineapple Express reminded me of a more funny version of Hot Fuzz. Everyone was hilarious as usual Seth Rogen was funny as hell and James Franco was perfect as the pothead pot dealer. The only problem was the main characters who get high about one thousand times during the movie seem to be smarter than the average pot head, like how Dale figures out they might find them because he threw his roach. This movie was consistently hilarious in every scene and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies like Knocked Up and Superbad.

Grade: B