Funny People Review

I had seen this movie a while ago, but I unfortunately never got around to writing a review. I’d like to start by saying that, though I did find Funny People rather long, which is the complaint most critics gave, I will say for the most part I was pretty entertained throughout. At the heart of this comedic gem is a surprisingly serious character study of stand-up comics involving friendship and a near-death experience.

Apatow was really able to find a close to perfect mix between serious and comedy. He did it perfectly in Knocked Up and came pretty close with this one. Adam Sandler plays a famous stand-up comedian and actor who finds out that he’s going to die soon and starts changing his lifestyle habits, while gaining a friendship with Seth Rogen’s character. That’s really all you need to know.

What I love about Apatow’s movies and especially in this one, is the comedy feels so real and heartfelt, almost awkward at times. Its the comedy you share with your friends daily and that’s  what makes his movies so enjoyable. He doesn’t force anything, he just tells his stories while being pretty hilarious along the way. If you liked any of his work I’m pretty sure you’d find yourself enjoying Funny People. I know I did.

Grade: B+

Pineapple Express Review

This was a great comedy and unlike Tropic Thunder was just laugh after laugh with different jokes instead of just repeating the same unfunny ones. The movie  was consistently funny, and a bit less raunchy than past Apatow projects, which is somewhat of a breath of fresh air, not that I don’t like the raunchy Superbad comedy, it’s just nice to see Rogen and Apatow can still be hilarious when it’s not forced. Pineapple Express reminded me of a more funny version of Hot Fuzz. Everyone was hilarious as usual Seth Rogen was funny as hell and James Franco was perfect as the pothead pot dealer. The only problem was the main characters who get high about one thousand times during the movie seem to be smarter than the average pot head, like how Dale figures out they might find them because he threw his roach. This movie was consistently hilarious in every scene and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies like Knocked Up and Superbad.

Grade: B

Step Brothers Review

I wish I coul d go back in time and tell myself not to see this movie because it was absolutely dreadful. It wasn’t even the kind of movie that you could call funny, but stupid, it was just stupidity from start to finish. It was as if, while I was watching the movie I was given the middle finger and being told by Will Farrell, “You actually paid for this shit, I can make any crappy movie I want and still make money”. There were only a few funny jokes in the whole movie. The rest of the time they just tried way too hard with pointless, immature, unfunny crap. I pray that Pineapple Express will be better than this crap. I know it will be though because Seth Rogen is the main character instead of the big jack ass we all know as Will Farrell. 99.9% of the movie I was just thinking to myself, were they serious when they decided to make this movie, is this some kind of sick joke. The other.1% I was laughing a little bit. Do yourself the favor of not wasting your money because I wouldn’t see this crap again even if I were paid. 

Grade: D-