Pride and Glory Review

Pride and Glory was the intense crime drama that Righteous Kill was aiming to be. It weaved an interesting plot about a family of cops and the corruption involved in their division. The leader of the corruption being married to a sister of the family. It had everything a movie like this needs. Great acting, intense tension building scenes, and rugged dialogue. The only problem was that there are a lot of movies that have almost the same plot, and while this movie did do a pretty good job with it, past movies have done much better with the idea of corruption in the police force. 

The acting was fantastic in this movie. I wouldn’t expect anything else from an actor like Edward Norton. He’s one of my favorite actors and he does justice in this type of role. Colin Farrell surprised me for once, he played a perfect dirty cop who was even more dangerous than the criminals he was supposed to be fighting. Jon Voight was good as always. It was a good movie and if you like this type of movie, go see it, but if you haven’t seen The Departed or L.A. Confidential, I would check those out first.

Grade: B-

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

I’ve been excited for this movie for an extremely long time, I liked the first one a lot. I found it to be creative and fun, I don’t even Nicholas Cage and I liked the first. With the second one though, I am very sad to report that I was extremely disappointed. The sequel lacked in the creativity and entertainment of the first and didn’t make up for it anywhere. The whole movie was just Nicholas Cage trying to be funny and cool when he’s not either of those things and him having his friend hack into stuff. No cool codes or riddles to figure out. Anytime the film was even a bit creative, it was just basically copying off of the first film. The thing that really bugged me about this movie was the fact that in the first one, Gage said to his friend Riley at the end of the movie,”the next time we find a treasure that revolutionize’s history, you can make the call on finder’s fee”, well guess what, apparently the writers of the second one watched the first one just enough to copy off of it, but fell asleep at the end, because that comment was never touched back on. They also tried to end it in the same way they ended the second pirates so you’d get excited for the third movie. I was excited for the third pirates and I was happy with the result of that serias, but I’m not excited for National Treasure 3, and no matter how good the third is, I can’t be happy with the serias because it has this travesty in it.   Grade: D+