Nine Review

This is a review that is long overdue, but that’s for the most part because it took me a while to actually see this film. Originally, when I heard about it a year ago I was very excited. It was a film about a film maker starring my favorite actor of all time, Daniel Day-Lewis. I was planning to see it the day it came out and not a second later. Then a week before its release, reviews started to poor in.

Almost every single one of them expressed that the movie was a waste of time or a movie that could’ve been great and unfortunately failed epically. I also read a minority of reviews saying that the movie was ok or sub-par, but not the great film it should’ve been. Needless to say, after reading these reviews I was quite saddened and much less excited to see Nine. No, I did not see it on its release date as I originally planned and as a result I kept putting off seeing it in order to see movies I thought I’d enjoy more. I eventually realized, a couple weeks ago actually, that this is a movie starring the one and only Daniel Day-Lewis. I can’t not see this movie.

So I finally sat in a theater and watched Nine expecting nothing more than to be disappointed. My expectations were surprisingly and fortunately exceeded. My opinion on this film actually matched my original expectations so I think the fact that I went in there not expecting much made the move that much better. I loved every moment of Nine.

The sound and style made every part interesting and appealing. The songs were catchy and memorable and the acting by all was fantastic. The real stand outs were Judi Dench, in a subtle, but great performance. Penelope was chirpy and fun in the role of the mistress. Cotillard was amazing as the wife. And of course Day-Lewis was doing what he does better than anyone else. Its impossible for him to let me down.

I got a huge amount of enjoyment out of Nine. It was fast-paced, light hearted and fun. It was the tale of a film director attempting to work on his ninth project, while juggling the many women in his life. I really can’t see what so many didn’t enjoy about this film. I seriously loved it and can’t wait to own it on DVD. Nine is a beautiful piece of entertainment complete with great performers and fun.

Grade: A

Australia Review

I saw this movie about a week ago and I apologize for the time it took me to finally post it, but honestly because of its length , it is a lot to take in. Unfortunately the fact that there’s a lot to take in has nothing to do with much thought or moral criticism in the movie. First of all, I don’t know why, but I hated the beginning of the movie, it was corny in the way the plane traveled the map to get to Australia and the whole kangaroo sequence was incredibly annoying and not at all as comical as it was trying to be. Fortunately the movie picked up and was much better than I thought it would be after watching the first 20 minutes. I finally walked out of the theater with a sense that I had just seen decent, but over-long movie that tried way too hard to be an epic romance tale, but in a way failed, while with a few changes and some good editing could’ve actually slightly succeeded. 

The movie follows the story of a rich wife of a landowner from Australia who inherits land from her husband the size of Maryland. Instead of selling the land like she went there to do, she instead attempts to trek the cattle through Australia with the help of a new found love interest known as “The Drover” and a newly found half white and half black son. They end up being seperated by war and attempt to find each other again. What bothered me the most was the way the movie was narrated by the boy the whole time during the entire 3 hour movie, where instead we could’ve just watched the movie and figure it out for ourselves. Also, the whole magic aspect of the movie was highly annoying and unrealistic. 

There were a few things I did enjoy very much so about this film. I enjoyed the acting by both leading thespians I’ve always liked both Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman and their parts in this movie sustain my liking for both. The movie was visually fantastic. The whole movie reminded me of the “By The Sea” song in Sweeney Todd. You’d know exactly what I mean if you were to see the movie. The really big criticism I have is its length that wasn’t needed in the slightest. There are movies with a lot deeper and morally important stories that are told in a 2 hour time span. 3 hours was just  a way for the movie makers to make the film look like its an epic oscar contender when its anything but. I also hated the stereotypical way the movie killed off an amazing amount of characters, but kept alive only the important ones. For fans like me of the epic genre, you’ve been warned, I only pray that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button can perfectly pull off the epic tone that this film was trying so hard for.

Grade: C

The Golden Compass

When I saw the trailer for this, I was like wow, looks the same as the Chronicles of Narnia, then I saw that it was rated PG-13 and I got kind of excited. I thought it would be a violent version of Chronicles of Narnia. Then I heard rumors that the first Dark Knight trailer would be playing for The Golden Compass, so I told myself I had to see it and I did. I was extremely disappointed by this movie. First of all, NO DARK KNIGHT TRAILER!!!! Second of all, if you’re gonna make a movie PG-13, make it PG-13, there was only one scene in the whole movie that needed a PG-13 rating. Everything else could’ve been PG, that really pissed me off because there were a couple of scenes that could’ve been a lot better if they just stuck to there rating, it felt like they forgot that they rated the movie PG-13 when they were making it. The other thing that really got on my nerves was the fact that Daniel Craig only had about three lines in the whole movie and they made like he was a main character. The plot of the movie is that a girl named Lyra is trying to save her kidnapped friend from some people named Gobblers, she also has this compass that tells you the answer to any question you ask it, but for some reason she’s the only one who can read it ofcourse. Also, the entire movie, Lyra is trying to figure out what these magic particles called Dust is , so why doesn’t she just ask her stuped little Compass. The only cool idea of this movie was the daemons. Daemons are these animal companions that are always at your side, these animals are your souls and what ever happens to them also happens to you and vice-versa. This was interesting because any time someone died, their animal would disappear which added to the excitement in a way, it was also cool because you liked to see who had which animals and thinking what kind of animal you wanted. The last thing I would like to say about this movie s that Nicole Kidman did an ok job.Grade: D-