#28 After the Trial Scene (Primal Fear) !!!SPOILERS!!!

A fascinating scene. An extremely intense scene mostly because of the intensity of the character that Edward Norton expertly plays in one of his best roles.

Best Character: Roy 

Best Quote: “Well good for you Marty.”


#14 Roy (Primal Fear)

He’s always angry, always smart, and always complicated.


  • Actor: Edward Norton
  • Quote: “Well how the fuck should I know?”
  • Action: Chokes the prosecuting lawyer.
  • Clip(s):


Quotes 3

See if you can guess these:

  1.  Well good for you, Marty, I was gonna let it go, you were lookin so happy there, but to tell you the truth I’m glad you figured it, I been diein to tell ya.
  2. My mind is going Dave, there’s no doubt about it.
  3. Protection from what, zee germans?

Here’s some help:

  1.  ___ ___
  2. ___ ___ ___ ___
  3. ___