The Avengers Review

When I’m fond of a movie I think about it and the more I think about it, the more I find myself finding more and more reasons to appreciate it. While watching The Avengers, it was very difficult not to smile because of how much fun the movie had to offer. However, in the case of The Avengers, the more I thought about the movie the more I found myself disliking it.

The Avengers is just about the most fun I can have with a movie when it has no substance whatsoever. Sure you can get enjoyment from the film, but where do you draw the line when the film offers nothing apart from a few witty one-liners and a whole lot of action. It was kind of fun to see these stars from other movies working and having conversations with each other, but that’s all the film was, a little fun.

The villain to the super team, The Avengers, is none other than the whiney and non-intimidating, Loki, from Thor and his tremendous army that didn’t end up being much of a threat at all when all you have to do is throw a nuke at it. How imaginative. And I’m not trying to establish some sort of hate for The Avengers because I didn’t hate it. I definitely enjoyed myself, but when you realize you can tell someone the entire plot of a movie in a few short sentences, it’s hard to appreciate the film and its lack of any depth.

I will say that I wasn’t sure what to expect with Robert Downey Jr. when he had to share the spotlight with so many other people. I was very pleased with his take on Tony Stark once again. Mark Ruffalo was another standout as well creating with out a doubt the best Hulk ever to be featured in a film. The Avengers was very polished and it worked for what it was trying to do, but it often felt like the film was taking the easy way out and no there’s nothing here that I would consider great.

Grade: C+

Iron Man 2 Review

I’m just going to start this review out bluntly. Iron Man 2 was the biggest disappointment in a long time. I loved the first Iron Man and couldn’t wait for a sequel, but it was a huge let down. It was a bit saddening to be frank. This movie had everything going for it. It had Robert Downey Jr. playing the same character we know and love from the first, with the always fantastic Gwyneth Paltrow and best of all the great Mickey Rourke as a villain. Unfortunately the movie fell apart to the point of just being up setting.

The movie opens on a very cool note with Mickey Rourke designing his own mechanical suit that he plans to wreak havoc with to avenge his father. Its a well shot scene and it makes you excited for the rest of the movie. Next scene opens open with a few jokes, then later on, the movie ends with a joke and in between are a few decent action scenes and a lot of jokes (none of which are that funny). The movie seemed a lot more concerned with their next punch line than actually telling a good story. That might work for a comedy, but it doesn’t work here.

Iron Man 2, just tried so hard to make everything bigger and better and really just forgot what they were doing a long the way. They have this fantastic villain, played amazingly by Mickey Rourke and the character isn’t even close to being used to his full potential. Then you’ve got Robert Downey Jr. acting the same way he did in the first one, but when a sequel’s not written well, your performance is just overshadowed by your original one.

Iron Man 2 was a travesty in every sense of the world. I truly went in there wanting and expecting to enjoy myself. As hard as I tried though, I wasn’t able to. For this movie, I went to the midnight premiere, but when Iron Man 3 is released I’m going to have to wait for some reviews first.

Grade: D+