Seven Psychopaths Review

Seven Psychopaths offers an entirely memorable experience involving guns, blood, the written word, a dog and people one can only describe as psychotic. There was never a moment in the film where I wasn’t either laughing or completely engrossed in the story at hand. ¬†With the extraordinary Seven Psychopaths, Martin McDonagh has written and directed a film about a screenwriter named Martin who is attempting to write a movie called Seven Psychopaths.

Martin McDonagh is the writer and director responsible for another fantastic film entitled, In Bruges. It’s been four years since he’s made his last and first movie. In Bruges was a brilliant film that was not only funny, but odd, dark and deep. Seven Psychopaths is his second film and not only is it better than his first film, but I don’t see him being able to top this masterpiece any time soon. Through a story that is both insightful and beautiful, Seven Psychopaths conquers the task of being completely hilarious and endlessly entertaining all while examining and commenting on itself as a film and the medium as a whole.

Seven Psychopaths tells an insane and imaginative tale about a screenwriter’s attempts to finish latest work and the friends helping him accomplish just that as they all have to hide from a crazy mobster, but loving pet owner, who wants the dog back from the screenwriter’s friends who just kidnapped it. The story is simple enough, which makes room for the layers and layers of prominent meaning underneath the surface.

The acting is simply phenomenal. And I mean by every performer. Colin Farrell proves himself as a leading man, while Woody Harrelson is great as the so called “chief villain”. The best performances come out of the secondary and best two characters in Seven Psychopaths. Sam Rockwell performs as brilliantly as ever as Martin’s chaotic best friend. On top of that, the real talent comes out of the restraint, confidence and artistry exemplified in Christopher Walken’s performance of the wise and gentle, Hans.

Whereas Seven Psychopaths is at times derivative, it is a completely unique and enthralling film because there is a point to the few stereotypes. The film is witty and poetic. One scene may be absolutely hysterical, while another is intense and dramatic. Seven Psychopaths is a vast and eloquent movie about stories and the people and experiences that inspire those stories. It’s a masterpiece and one I plan on enjoying over and over and over again.

Grade: A+

Iron Man 2 Review

I’m just going to start this review out bluntly. Iron Man 2 was the biggest disappointment in a long time. I loved the first Iron Man and couldn’t wait for a sequel, but it was a huge let down. It was a bit saddening to be frank. This movie had everything going for it. It had Robert Downey Jr. playing the same character we know and love from the first, with the always fantastic Gwyneth Paltrow and best of all the great Mickey Rourke as a villain. Unfortunately the movie fell apart to the point of just being up setting.

The movie opens on a very cool note with Mickey Rourke designing his own mechanical suit that he plans to wreak havoc with to avenge his father. Its a well shot scene and it makes you excited for the rest of the movie. Next scene opens open with a few jokes, then later on, the movie ends with a joke and in between are a few decent action scenes and a lot of jokes (none of which are that funny). The movie seemed a lot more concerned with their next punch line than actually telling a good story. That might work for a comedy, but it doesn’t work here.

Iron Man 2, just tried so hard to make everything bigger and better and really just forgot what they were doing a long the way. They have this fantastic villain, played amazingly by Mickey Rourke and the character isn’t even close to being used to his full potential. Then you’ve got Robert Downey Jr. acting the same way he did in the first one, but when a sequel’s not written well, your performance is just overshadowed by your original one.

Iron Man 2 was a travesty in every sense of the world. I truly went in there wanting and expecting to enjoy myself. As hard as I tried though, I wasn’t able to. For this movie, I went to the midnight premiere, but when Iron Man 3 is released I’m going to have to wait for some reviews first.

Grade: D+


FROST/NIXON was by far the most surprising movie of this year if not ever. I was expecting a lot out this movie based on the story, the direction and especially the acting. What I got was a surprise, because what I just recently saw was both astounding and flawless, what I got was so much better than what I originally expected and the best way to describe it is entertainment at its full blown best. This is a must-see for this year and it isn’t getting the praise it deserves, but it will surely get it in this review.

FROST/NIXON is the story of the famed interview between David Frost, a british talk show host, and our former president Richard Nixon. The interviews took place shortly after Nixon’s resignation in the late 70s. Most thought Frost would go too “easy” or “soft” on Nixon, but what amounted from the interviews became a battle of wits and a rivalry to be remembered. Not only does the film show the important interviews, but also the behind-the-scenes, and the the lead up and the reason Frost wanted to perform the interview in the first place.¬†

The acting was spectacular by all players. Oliver Platt and Sam Rockwell were great as usual. Michael Sheen was a spectacular Frost. He could be cocky and nervous, while being smart and a bit scared, but the real actor who deserves praise is Frank Langella. Langella fully embodies the character of Nixon, from posture to facial expressions. He was spectacular. Unfortunately for Sean Penn, Langella was better and does deserve the oscar this year. Pen was great, but Langella just showed so much more charisma and ability in this part.

FROST/NIXON was such an astounding movie for the fact that at no point were you ever bored and at no point did you ever want this 2 hour and 10 minute film to end. It was a story the could’ve been told in a boring way, but instead it was told to perfection by a well known director, Ron Howard. This is undoubtedly, in my opinion, the greatest picture he’s ever created and probably ever will. Every single person owes it to themselves to view this movie.FROST/NIXON was spectacle of everything that makes movies worth watching.

Grade: A+

Choke Review

This was one of the biggest disappointments I’ve had to face in film history. It wasn’t even that the movie was that bad, it was decently good, it’s just that the book was ten times better. Choke is actually by far my favorite piece of literature, while Chuck Palahniuk is by far my favorite author. The movie wasn’t nearly as good as the book and I wasn’t really expecting it to be, but it really just didn’t even come close. I had to drive a half an hour to get to a theater that was playing this movie because I was so excited, it wasn’t worth it. The movie did have two funny parts that the book didn’t have, but those parts didn’t make up for the rest. The two best gimmicks of the book weren’t in the movie and I’m talking of course about the, see also’s and the (random word) isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind. My favorite chapter about the origins of his sexual addiction was completely botched. The thing that bothered me most was that the ending was completely different from the books and I loved the books ending. The movies ending just comes out and tells you what the point of the movie was, while the book allows you to think and figure it out yourself through imagery and symbolism. One ray of sunshine on this cloudy day of a movie was the main character. I was skeptic as to who could pull this, anti-christ, as some might call him, off and Sam Rockwell did it perfectly. He was a lot fun to watch and I might wan to watch the movie again just to watch his performance, he was born for the role. Overall the movie just felt very independent and amatuer especially during the flashback scenes with his mom. It was fun, funny and entertaining, but the book was just so much better. Trust me, If you’re interested at all in this movie, go out and buy a copy of the book. It’s a fast and incredible read. You’ll want o immediatly read it again afterwards.

Grade: C+