Dark Campaign

If your like me and believe that not only should Dark Knight be nominated, but also win Best Picture than please visit the site, Dark Campaign. Then make a digg account if you don’t already have one and digg it. The Dark Knight is the greatest movie of all time and even though David Fincher deserves the Academy recognition for once, the masterpiece known as The Dark Knight needs it more and deserves it more. he past couple of years I have agreed with the Academy 100%. Let’s hope I can agree with them this year also.

Honestly, in what way possible can you not call The Dark Knight the Best Picture, just because its a movie based on comic book characters. This movie shouldn’t be shunned for that fact. It should be praised for the fact that It managed to take comic book characters and make a crime-drama of epic proportions. It should be praised for the fact that its villain is colorful and its hero is black. It should be praised for the fact that it is the greatest depiction of good vs. evil of all time. Above all, it should be praised for the fact that it is an absolute masterpiece.

Check out their campaign video:

The Joker


The psychopathic, schizophrenic, clown prince of crime, or otherwise known as The Joker is the greatest villain/character ever depicted on screen. The Joker is the definition of evil. He kills anyone and anything just to have fun and doesn’t care if he gets killed himself because it will cause anarchy and chaos and that’s his goal in life. He doesn’t want money or power, he just wants to see everyone around him in pain and agony. He can do anything he wants because he has the will to, because he’s not afraid of pain, death or punishment. It’s my believe that fear itself isn’t afraid of anything.

There is one question that peole ask and that is, why? Why? is the Joker so sick and twisted. And the answer to that question, I believe is also the answer to another. How did The Joker get those scars? Well, there is no sure answer, but I have a fact based theory on why the first story he tells is the true one. First of all, one quote says it all, “I believe…whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you…stranger.” I think that his father carving his face made him stranger. Second of all, really look at him when he’s telling the stories, which one is he having a fun time telling and which one is he more serious with. You can see that the first really takes a toll on him when he tells it. Lastly, and most important of all, The Joker knew how one becomes a “freak” as he calls it. He knows that Batmans a “freak” because he lost his parents, he knows he became a “freak” when he lost his mom, and best of all he knew how to make Harvey a “freak” by killing his loved one. The Joker even says at the end, “I took your white knight and I brought ‘im down to our level, I wasn’t hard see cause as you know madness is a lot like, gravity, sometimes all it takes is a little…push.”

The Joker is about as close to the anti-christ as a person can get. The Dark Knight asks you a question through out the movie, Is it ok to kill a person, if killing that person will truly make the world a better place? Batman thinks the answer is no, Joker’s answer would be to kill the guy who asked the question, just for fun. From the the infamous pencil trick, to making men fight to death with a pool stick, from standing in the way of a speedin gmotorcycle, to applauding Jim Gordan’s promotion, from escaping prison with a piece of glass that he got from Batman bashing his head against a mirror, to blowing up a hospital in a nurses outfit, from burning hundreds of millions of dollars, to falling to his death and laughing hysterically the whole way down, The Joker is the greatest character of all time. He is as evil as every single villain wish they could be, but no one ever can be or ever will. The Joker is Heath Ledger’s masterpiece.