Hancock Review

What can be said about Hancock? Watch the trailer right now and don’t see the movie because that 3 minutes is the only fun you will receive out of this movie. Hancock has a great premise, the human super hero who makes mistakes and has emotional problems, it could’ve made a great dramedy for all ages, but instead it loses its direction and doesn’t know where to go with the story at all. It seems like a smart man told his five year old mute son about an idea for a movie and had a heart-attack, then his five year old son had to write his own rendition of the idea. Hancock could’ve just been a good dramedy about a super hero who makes mistakes, but learns learns to do better, and a society that learns to love what they got. Instead half way through the movie, new pointless information keeps piling onto your lap that you don’t even care about or want to know about and if you see the movie you’ll know what I’m talking about. They took a fun, simple idea and tried to make it complex and epic, which it was anything but, it was exactly like the travesty that was Spider-Man 3 last year. The movie was terrible, Wanted was better and I didn’t like that movie either.

Grade: D

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