#35 John McClane (Die Hard Series)

The wise-crackin, lovable, ass-kicken, action hero.

  • Actor: Bruce Willis
  • Quote: “Yippie Ki Ay Mother Fucker!”
  • Action: Shoots at a terrorist with a gun that was taped to the back of his neck.
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#36 Roy Batty (Blade Runner)

He is the philosophical human android who’s seen things that we wouldn’t believe.

  • Actor: Rutgar Hauer
  • Quote: “And all those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Time to die.”
  • Action: Plunges his thumbs through his creator’s eyes.
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Iron Man Review

This was my first time going to the theater in 4 months, which is disturbing to me. Let me just say that I need to get back on track with movies because if the rest of the movies to come out this summer are even half as spectacular as Iron Man, than I will have found heaven. Iron Man was the best superhero movie I’ve seen since Batman Begins, and it could’ve even have been better then that (I haven’t decided yet). Iron was more than just a superhero movie though, it was a well acted, well cast, full blown entertaining, colorful, extravaganza. Iron Man is exactly what a movie should be. A movie should have good acting, have a good story, and be entertaining throughout, and that’s what Iron Man was. Robert Downey Jr. was born to play this role, as if his entire career just led to him playing Tony Stark, he was amazing and we’ll be seeing him more often. Jeff Bridges was the perfect pick for the villain in this movie because you can see Bridges as a fun loving comedic guy and than he just switches on you, he was so much fun to watch. Gwyneth and Terrence were also great for their parts. The special effects in this movie didn’t seem like special effects at all, every little inch of that beautiful suit was detailed and thought out. Go see this movie, you won’t regret it. 

PS: Stay after the credits, you won’t regret this either.

Grade: B+

#37 Seth Gecko (From Dusk Till Dawn)

He talks fast, acts fast, and strikes fear into enemies hearts. 

  • Actor: George Clooney
  • Quote: “Are you a faithless preacher, or are you a mean mother fuckin servent of god?”
  • Action: Rams a wooden stack into his brothers chest because he turns into a vampire.
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#38 Nikolai (Eastern Promises)

He’s intelligent, sick, tough, and a bit disturbed, while at the same time good.

  •  Actor: Viggo Mortenson
  • Quote: “You might want to leave room”
  • Action: Threatens to cut a man’s throat with a gesture using his fingers.
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#39 Danny Butterman (Hot Fuzz)

He’s pudgy, fun, funny, and an action hero.

  • Actor: Nick Frost
  • Quote: “Yeah Mother Fucker”
  • Action: Empties his gun clip into the air because he can’t kill his father.
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