Wall-E Review

Wall-E is tremendous, astounding, and delightful. So far this year, it doesn’t get better then this movie. Everything in the movie is well-thought out, creative, and interesting to watch. The enviornments and characters are both colorful and entertaining. It’s visually spectacular. Pixar has never made a bad movie in my mind and I truly believe this is their best. What you’ve got is a lonely little robot who doesn’t need words to show emotion. All he needs is his heart, curiousity, and determination. It’s impossible to declare every pro of this movie because there are so many, it is also impossible to tell the cons of this movie because there are none. Pixar has geniously established a robot so realilistic that it doesn’t even say more than six words, but we know exactly what he’s thinking and what he’s fighting for, and that my friends is love. Wall-E is brilliant and entertainment at its best. You’ll laugh, cry, smile, and jump for what is in my mind the greatest animated film ever made.

Grade: A+

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