The Dark Knight Expectations

Above you’ll see my ticket for the earliest time I can see the movie that I have been anticipating for 3 years, The Dark Knight. I stare at from time to time just wondering and praying that it will live up to the unrealistic expectations I’ve given it. Not unrealistic to The Dark Knight though, unrealistic to any movie. I look at reviews from my favorite site Rope of Silicon, Dark Knight Movie Review. I look at reviews from Rolling Stones and Rotten Tomatoes, Rolling Stones Review and RT Reviews, and I ask the golden question. Will The Dark Knight live up to all this hype? That has been the golden question through-out this entire month and now I’m finally asking it. 


I want to see this movie more then I have ever wanted to see a movie before in my life, no joke. I honestly think that this movie will be top ten material if not top five. Batman Begins was an incredible movie, the best comic book movie by far. I believe this movie will be as good as Batman Begins multiplied by the awesome character that will be the Joker, which will easily be a 10, soooo…

The Dark Knight= Batman Begins x 10

Those are my expectations, will I be satisfied when the clock strikes two and a half hours after 12:01, will I be sad, or will my expectations even be exceeded? Who knows, but what I do know is this…


I know that and I knew since december of last year that this movie will make more then any other movie this year and I would and would have bet a lot of money on that fact. I know what I would do if this movie was bad. I’ve been asked the question, “What would you do if it sucked?”, about a hundred times and the answer is always the same; “It won’t”, I say jokingly because how could I possibly know that, then I say; “I’d kill myself”, another joke, because my real answer is; “I’d go into a constant state of depression for awhile and have to start looking for a new movie to anticipate.” What I do know at the end of it all is this, I know that I will buy this movie on DVD the day it comes out because I KNOW GOOD MOVIE OR BAD MOVIE, HEATH LEDGER IS GOING TO BE AMAZING AS THE JOKER. 

I lay in my bed every night, looking at the multiple Dark Knight posters I have on my wall, and pray that The Dark Knight will live up to my expectations and yours. I cannot answer this question yet, but I can answer it in 4 days. The second I get home from what I hope to be in my top ten list of greatest movies of all time, I will be on my site writing a review for the long awaited movie of 2008 and I hope and pray that it’s a good one. This being Heath Ledger’s last movie will be the one that he will be remembered for, let us all pray that it is a good memory. I raise my imaginary champagne glass “To Heath”, who will now and forever be very missed. I leave you now with my favorite Dark Knight trailer and TV Spot.




5 thoughts on “The Dark Knight Expectations

  1. Your ticket stub is making me crazy! lol…I plan on going to the midnight showing on Thursday. I better get moving if I’m going. I will definately see this film by weekends end if I have to fight my way to the front of the line! This is the first 2 and a half hour movie I’m thrilled about in years! Is it the 18th yet? Ray

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